10 Instagram functions you should know in 2021

here are many Instagram functions that you should know in 2021 if you really want to take full advantage of this social network, and it is that more and more tools are available, new features and different tricks that will make you look like a professional and we will tell you just about it.

We have created this list with the ten most outstanding functions of recent times on Instagram so that you can use them already if you did not know them and also give you details of what each one of them has to offer.

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The Reels: short videos, which are not feed and not IGTV

Instagram Reels are short videos with a duration of 15 or 30 seconds that you can add a lot of fun and that are a way to create more interactive content, at first it might seem like TikTok and the truth is that you are right , only that it will be a publication of this type within your own Instagram profile and not on an additional platform.

In the Reels you can add music, titles and other effects until you reach one of the chosen duration times, then you upload it to your profile and you can also promote it in your Stories or in your own feed and people can access that content immediately .

In addition you can leverage that content to publish on other social networks and for this we have created on another occasion a guide on how to download content from Instagram .

Links in the Bio

If you are a small business, a content creator, journalist or you simply like to spread information beyond what you post on your profile, then you should take advantage of the opportunity that Instagram offers you to add links to direct your followers to another space, especially If you don’t have 10,000 followers yet and you don’t have the possibility to add “Swipe Up” to your Stories.

This link will allow you to direct your own traffic to web pages or campaigns, it is also perfect if you want to share something , since we remember that in the description of the publications we cannot add any type of link and that is in order to keep people longer on the platform.

To take advantage and if you want to invite to that space, you must place a call to action that invites people to go to that link available in your profile biography.

You can create a special page that takes your followers to a site with multiple links, for example the Smart Bio that you create with Tailwind App , which is free and you can do it in a short time and you can add up to five different links.

Post comments

Another feature of Instagram that you should know in 2021, is the function that allows you to post comments. This is a new function that allows you to choose a comment made by a third party on your publications and leave it fixed at the beginning of the section , so that everyone who displays to read can find that message first on the list.

Instagram enabled the possibility of posting up to three comments per publication , it is ideal to answer some type of recurring question if you are a brand or if you have a public profile that people come to very regularly to ask the same question and thus you can leave the doubts resolved .

When you post a comment, the follower who created the post will receive a notification about it. To set a moment, you only have to press and hold the comment for a second and then you will see a small blue pin in the upper right that you must press and that message will then be placed at the top of the list.

Featured Stories on Instagram

This is a function that has time available on Instagram, however there are people who still do not know what they are and how they work, even after having seen them in profiles of other users and of some brands present in the social network, but the truth is that Featured Stories are available to everyone .

Featured Stories are a space within your profile on Instagram that allows you to keep the ephemeral content that you create in a more permanent way within a certain space, once the time established for it to disappear from the updates in your photo of profile.

Once the regulatory time has elapsed, if you decided to add it to a featured Stories, your followers can see that content whenever they want , however, the viewing statistics that Instagram offers you every time you publish a Stories will stop after 24 hours and the The list that you will see on the display corresponds only to that first day.

Although you can decide to create Featured Stories to your liking , it is useful to create covers so that your followers can identify the type of content and then you add it to the categories that you have created.

By creating featured Stories, you will be able to name a new category or add that content to one already created by you and for this you will have access to the menu of previously created classifications, simply by choosing the one you like.

Polls, Music, Questions and Countdown

Another feature that we want to highlight on Instagram for this 2021 are the stickers of surveys, music, questions and counters that are available to add in your Stories.

The platform has made these stickers with action available to users that allow them to add music extracts to their ephemeral publications, you can also do surveys with options written by you, open a question and answer dynamic, in addition to creating back timers.

The videos on IGTV

Another very useful feature to generate content on Instagram is IGTV, because you can upload long videos in which you can upload all kinds of topics in vertical and horizontal format with a duration of up to 60 minutes , being able to create a whole schedule in your space, using tools like Creator Studio from Facebook.

The limitation when using IGTV is that you must upload content with a duration of more than one minute and otherwise it would be available directly in your profile feed.

Archive your photos

If you have content on Instagram that you want to disappear to the public, but that is still available to you, there is the option to archive the photos from your feed , this way you can use them again whenever you want.

Another reason to use the photo file is that when you delete the content, not only the image disappears, but all the interaction and the positioning that it gave to your account, so by deleting it you will affect the position of your account within from Instagram.

Using this tool is very easy, you just have to go to the photo of your account that you want to archive, click on the menu with the three dots in the upper right part of the image and then choose the option “Archive” and it will automatically be saved in your own account.

Control and delete the photos in which you are tagged

If you want to take care of your profile and the publications with which you interact on Instagram, you can have a control or eliminate the photos in which they tag you , in this way you can avoid inconveniences or that they use your account to position content that you do not want.

  • To achieve this, follow the following steps:
  • Enter the Instagram settings
  • Click on the “Privacy” option
  • Click on the option “Tags”
  • Choose the option “Activate labels manually”
  • Then press “Activate”

In the case of wanting to delete a photo in which you were tagged, you just have to go to the image and click on the three-point menu in the upper right, then select the options “Hide from my profile” or “Remove me from the publication ”.

Save content that interests you

You can save all types of posts that interest you in the Collections , something that can be useful to avoid losing content and not having to fill your mobile with screenshots.

To achieve this, go to the publication that you are interested in keeping, then click on the save icon that is in the lower right corner of the image and it will automatically be set to a General Collection.

You can organize that content in different Collections or folders, to do this, hold down the icon and choose the option “Save in” and so you can choose between the collections previously created or press the “+” sign to create a new one.

Choose a cover photo for your videos

For the videos you publish to have a suitable cover image, you can choose the one you want the most and that is consistent with the content you publish in your account, for this you must follow the following steps:

  • Choose the video that you are going to publish in your feed and that must be less than one minute long.
  • After you have placed the filters and the time, select the option “Cover” in the lower left margin
  • There you can choose the image of the video that best presents your content.



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