8 reasons why you’re so hungry

Hungry! May be normal in life However, if we are not able to control hunger properly You may have a tendency to become overly craving unnecessarily. Which may eventually lead to health problems

Hungry! Again … What is the cause?


  1. mood swings Or in depression
  • Depression, depression, and mood swings Caused by stress has a great impact on our lives. Including leading to increased hunger later And severe appetite
  1. Not getting enough sleep
  • Sleep affects everyday life. When not enough rest Or sleep less than 7 hours may result in you wanting to eat throughout the day. Because sleep is related to hormones controlling appetite.
  1. Stop eating breakfast
  • Choosing healthy food in the morning Rich in protein and fiber, will help you to be full longer. Can help control appetite in the afternoon But fasting and refraining from eating breakfast Will lead to frequent appetite And eating more Which leads to obesity
  1. Lack of protein
  • Eating low protein foods May lead to frequent hunger Even if eating higher amounts of calories


  1. Eat too much sugar
  • When the blood sugar continuously increases Leading to insulin resistance Causing the body to not be able to use glucose from the blood into energy
  • Insulin is similar to leptin. Which is a hormone that helps control appetite And weight control This will lead to hunger cycle. That causes frequent hunger
  1. Lack of fiber
  • Foods that are low in fiber can cause frequent hunger. You should get at least 25 grams of fiber in your diet each day, as fiber contains ingredients that will make you feel full for longer after eating.
  1. incorrect carbohydrate intake
  • Eating large amounts of white bread, polished rice, bakery items, etc. Can stimulate insulin, a hormone that helps control blood sugar Even if you eat until this type of food is full But insulin will cause the body to burn sugar quickly Therefore makes him feel hungry faster
  1. Diabetes or Thyroid Disease
  • Increased hunger May be a sign of diabetes Coupled with increased appetite Or urinating frequently
  • Or this may be a sign of abnormal thyroid function With increased heart rate And felt restless


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