7 ways to show your kids that you love them

It’s not just the “I love you” that show our love, there are many things we can do on a daily basis. Here are 7 ways to show your kids that you love them.

  1. Wish them “good day”

We shouldn’t leave without wishing each other a good day. If you don’t get up at the same time, you leave a message on the kitchen table, in your boots, etc. We don’t just warn him to be wise, we also wish him to have fun, to have fun, to play with his friends, etc.

  1. Maintain physical contact

Flattering the neck, rubbing the back, snuggling up against each other under a blanket, etc. Children, even as they get older, love to get glued. However, the older they get, the more care must be taken not to invade their space too abruptly. We respect their limits.


  1. Shut down computers (and our cellphones)

Eh yes! We set an example. When kids don’t feel like they are sharing us with our electronic baby toys, they feel like they’re really important. Why not take the opportunity to read them a story? Children, even when they can read on their own, love to be told a story. You can also do a family puzzle, draw, etc.


  1. Give them real real attention

We transform small moments of everyday life into rituals that do good. Coming back in the car, we turn off the radio and talk without being disturbed. Car trips become conducive to confidence. They are asked questions about what they did during their day (their activities), but also about the emotions they experienced. We don’t just talk about their grades, we learn about their friends, their games, etc.


  1. Give them choices

Of course, we can’t let them decide everything. But there are some things they can choose from. Thus, they feel that their opinion counts. It’s enough to get their smile back. Shall we eat pasta or rice tonight with the sausages? What movie do you want to watch? Are we going to skate or slide?


  1. Healthy compliment

It is not about telling them that they are the thinnest, the most beautiful and the best. We congratulate them on the efforts they make, we note their successes, we highlight their progress, we congratulate them on their good ideas, etc.


  1. Tuck them in, every evening

We complete the loop with our morning attentions! We’ll say goodnight to them in their room. We make sure they are good. A caress on the forehead, a kiss, a little chat: we know the little gestures that everyone likes. Sometimes, these little nocturnal tales allow our children to open their hearts to what is on their minds.


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