8 questions to ask children to know our “parenting style”

The truth comes out of the mouths of children. So, we ask them these 8 questions to ask children to know our “parenting style”


1) What do I often tell you?
What he is told is important. He especially remembers that we always repeat “Hurry up!” », That says a lot about us!


2) What do I like to do when I have free time?

When our child knows us well, it’s because we have a good time together.


3) What makes you proud of me?

It is interesting to know which facet of us impresses our little one.


4) If I were a character, who would I be?

The association he will make may surprise us, but we do not forget to ask him why he chose this character.


5) How are we alike?

Our similarities can be revealing; you just have to dig a little to understand.


6) How are we different?

Being different is not negative. Each other’s strengths can be inspiring too!


7) What am I the best at?

It’s time to collect a compliment from our child. Also, by knowing what he likes about us, we can find the time to do it more often …


8) What should I do better (or differently)?

It is time to listen carefully to what our child has to say to us without trying to explain or justify himself. We take his answer as a challenge, perhaps?


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