Many people say that good attitude and behavior are very important to achieve success in the future. We completely agree with that. Would it be very unfortunate if someone has a very high intellectual intelligence, but he does not reflect good attitudes and behavior. However, we also cannot underestimate or just ignore intellectual intelligence. We strongly encourage all Career Advice colleagues to always maintain and even increase their intellectual intelligence.


Hmm … then how the heck are we to improve intellectual intelligence? Rather than curious, we better just look at the following explanation.


1. Never Stop Extending Insight. 

So that we can stand out from the people around us, especially in the context of understanding and skills, we need to broaden our horizons from now on. As we know that the world never stops offering changes periodically. Like it or not, we need to accept it and try to adapt in order to survive in this increasingly fierce competition.


Expanding insight can open up a new world for us, making it easy for us to learn many things and changes that occur. Slang language, “not out of date”. That is an important reason why we really need to add insight every day.


Oops! Adding insight does not have to pay expensive costs. Today, there are many online courses that we can take at very affordable prices. We can also attend seminars, conferences , read books that fit our fields of interest or new fields for us, discuss the latest news with colleagues, and so forth.


Expanding insight will increasingly open our minds that the world is vast. Everything is not always as we think, there are many possibilities and interesting events that happen out there. We will become more flexible and smarter.


2. Continue to Imagine.

Believe it or not, most successful people in this world never stop to imagine and imagine how their lives will be in the next five or ten years. Imagining will help hone our intellectual intelligence. By imagining, we will imagine many things and start thinking in detail related to the steps that need to be taken to achieve the things we imagine.


The more imaginative we are, the more we will open ourselves to creating innovative and effective problem solving techniques, skilled in exchanging ideas, and skilled in connecting with people.


Imagination will also shape us into a visionary person, we become someone who continues to stride in pursuit of dreams until they become real. In essence, like to imagine will help us have high intellectual intelligence.


3. Read the Books We Like. 

To be a successful person with high intellectual intelligence, we need to make a strong effort to achieve it. Make sure that this dream is not just nonsense. Prove it by looking for new inputs that are useful for us to be a strong foundation in the future.


“Books are a window to the world”, do your readers still remember this expression? Here we invite fellow Career Advice to read books they like.


If your fellow readers are very interested in the world of leadership, your fellow readers can read biographies from famous and great leaders in the world. Or, if I am interested in the marketing world, would it be better if I read books about the world of marketing, so that I can add knowledge and new insights related to marketing strategies in the business world.


In general, when we read any book, all of these readings will have an extraordinary effect on our brain. Reading can stimulate our brain to always be imaginative and thinking. Another advantage of reading is that it can create an emotional connection between yourself and the content we are reading. If your fellow readers really want to increase your intellectual intelligence, then we strongly encourage your fellow readers to be diligent in reading a book.


4. Continue to Learn Consistently.

Learning is a process that never ends until later we are not in the world. The learning process also does not recognize age, everyone has the right to learn. It is never too late or too fast to learn, so this process is very common.


Today, we are increasingly faced with changes that occur very quickly, so we need to continue to learn and adapt to all these changes. The goal is that we do not feel left behind and can do what is expected of our industry.


Learning activities are also made easier by the presence of online courses and seminars at affordable prices, and guaranteed quality. So what are you waiting for? Intellectual intelligence will be more easily achieved, right?


5. Routine Physical Activity.

Physical activities such as sports, not only can make our body condition fitter, but also make our brains function better.  Our brain will think very well , when the brain is filled with oxygen (fresh air). All that we can get from exercising regularly.


Eits, that’s not all! Exercising or doing other physical activities can improve our brain’s ability to be more focused, prevent cognitive decline, improve brain memory, and make it easier for our brain to receive new information.

Indirectly, physical activity becomes the fastest and most effective way so we can be smarter, less stressed, less depressed and more energetic. Let’s try this method from now on!


6. Have Enough Sleep.

There have been many studies that say that someone who has a lack of sleep constantly will decrease their intellectual intelligence. In fact, having enough sleep will increase our abilities, maintain attention, and maintain our intellectual superiority. By having enough sleep, this will facilitate our learning process, so that our brain will more easily absorb all new knowledge and information.


7. Pay Attention to Our Dress

If we have applied the previous steps, then the next step we have to do is pay attention to how to dress. Someone with high intellectual intelligence will not dress carelessly. The point here is not to dress modestly, thus disturbing the eye of the beholder.


When we dress neatly and politely, our appearance will create a new suggestion in ourselves that “we are people with high intellectual intelligence”. Smart and successful people will also be interested in hanging out with those who dress nicely and politely. That way, we will be easier to make friends and learn directly from intelligent people.


by Abdullah Sam
I’m a teacher, researcher and writer. I write about study subjects to improve the learning of college and university students. I write top Quality study notes Mostly, Tech, Games, Education, And Solutions/Tips and Tricks. I am a person who helps students to acquire knowledge, competence or virtue.

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