As part of a team, it is very important to ensure that everyone can work together and collaborate well. A collaborative team can support the success of the business being run. For this reason, each team member must be able to think creatively and innovatively . In creating a team that is creative and innovative, it is not easy. There are many dynamics and turmoil encountered. Each team member and leader must create an environment and culture that supports creativity and innovation. Then, what does a creative and innovative team look like? This time we will look at 8 characteristics of a creative and innovative team. That way, we can apply it in everyday life and encourage others to support the creation of creativity and innovation in the team.


1. Interactive and dare to convey ideas without being asked.

Creative and innovative teams are teams that are interactive and dare to convey ideas without having to be asked. If you pay attention, often the meeting takes place tough because we just sit still and listen to someone talking.


Meetings that do not support the creation of two-way communication will only lead to boredomand make everyone unable to convey the great ideas they have. The best way to do this is to stop talking alone and establish two-way communication. Having each team member have a part to talk is something that can make an interactive meeting. That way, everyone in the team will begin to convey ideas, feedback and other considerations that can be conveyed in the team. Energy that flows will change the silence and make everyone challenged to convey their own ideas. This method can naturally make the team grow creative and innovative. This is an opportunity for everyone to continue to strive to develop creativity and innovation and an opportunity for leaders to see team members who have certain talents or abilities.


2. Have a high curiosity.

The creative team consists of people with high curiosity. They will always have critical questions and find new ways of doing things. For this reason, creativity and innovation are needed in business.


This is where the role of the leader is needed to be able to be open and willing to spend time in answering every question the team members have. The leader must also listen to the advice and input provided by team members. That way, each team member will be motivated and trained to continue to think creatively and innovatively.


3. Always have the opposite idea.

A creative and innovative team is a team of people who always think outside the box. This means that there will always be opposing and debated ideas. Why? When we have conflicting ideas, we will debate them. We are encouraged to use logic and good reason to find solutions. That way, will create a middle ground that was not thought of before. We present a new way and this is what is called creativity.


4. Never hold your voice.

I am sure that each of us is a creative and innovative person. We have the capacity to provide input and convey ideas. However, if we feel imprisoned, judged and unappreciated, we will never produce creativity and innovation.


A creative and innovative team is a team that never holds back everyone’s voice. Yes, of course not all ideas are strategic and applicable. Most important, the idea must be conveyed. Creativity and innovation are created from an unlimited freedom. Everyone on the team has the right to speak their thoughts. If it’s not right, this is where a team discussion is needed to filter out ideas. Even if we feel that there are team members who submit inappropriate ideas, we must uphold the culture and open attitude towards the ideas and contributions of each team member.


5. Questioning industry assumptions.

A creative and innovative team is a team that questions industry assumptions. Of course this can be created if each team member learns a lot about the industry. This can be done through research or observation of the industry. Research and observation will raise many questions from each team member. This is a good thing. That way, the team can brainstorm and find the industry’s most appropriate assumptions to apply to the team.


6. Respond constructive feedback in a positive way.

A creative and innovative team is a team that is able to respond constructive feedback in a positive way. If you receive constructive feedback in a negative way, this shows that you cannot adapt to new ideas. Conversely, if we are able to be flexible and responsive to constructive feedback, this shows that we are open to improvement and change. Of course, if everyone in it is open to change for the better, then the team will be able to produce bright ideas.


7. Responsible and able to complete tasks even without supervision.

A creative team is a team that is capable of being responsible and completing tasks without needing to be watched. We might have great ideas and be able to implement them in business. However, if you do not have a sense of responsibility, everything will not mean anything. For that, make sure that we are also responsible for what is done and able to complete it without the need for supervision. That way, we can show great self-leadership and help the team achieve its goals.


8. Focus on the solution.

A creative and innovative team is a team that focuses on solutions. We must have clarity about things and ways to solve problems. We might be able to hold meetings with the team and brainstorm problem solving in order to find the right solution.


Those are 8 characteristics of a creative and innovative team. Now, does our own team have all these characteristics? To be creative and innovative, we must always be open to new things and make adjustments that make us better. So, keep the spirit in increasing the creativity and innovation of the team, fellow readers.


by Abdullah Sam
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