As we know that finding a job in this day and age is very difficult . Sometimes, this does not mean we are not competent at work, nor does it because of the background we have. However, the reality of finding a job today is increasingly difficult, and competition is getting tougher.


In other words, this is not our fault, but this is indeed the reality. Job search activities become activities that are very scary, confusing, and even worrying. The result? we often feel stressed and unhappy with our own lives.


If your fellow readers are facing this situation, don’t worry. A few years ago before I began my career, I also experienced the same thing as my fellow readers. In the end, we tried to summarize 10 strategies for finding work happily. So, looking for work is no longer a boring or stressful thing. Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Knowing Your Own Needs.

Every person must have different needs and priorities. Unmarried candidates must have very different design requirements from candidates who already have three children. So when fellow readers find it difficult to find suitable jobs.

Do not be stressed and discouraged, because God will always give us sustenance in accordance with what we need. Take the wisdom of every job rejection we get, and continue to look for work with an optimistic attitude and positive thoughts.


2. Looking for Information related to Our Prospective New Work Environment. 

We are sure everyone wants to work happily. When we have difficulty finding work, this is natural because we also need to find a good work environment in our new work later. Do not just because we want to get a job as soon as possible, then we choose jobs with random.


A good work environment means opening opportunities for us to get great, compact and mutually supportive colleagues for mutual progress. Although coworkers who like to gossip and like to ‘hurt’ others are always present in any work environment, but at least we are selective about other factors.


3. Relax, Take Our Time as Best As Possible.

Simply put, looking for work is not just turning to a new job. This action is more than that. We need to find the right role and position. Where when we work, a sense of self-satisfaction really enters into the self.


That is, we work according to the passion we have. By understanding this, stress and sadness will diminish, because we will always be people who are optimistic to get jobs according to their passion, position and role, at the right time with the most appropriate company. So keep up the good work!


4. Trying Something Different? No need to worry!

Maybe all this time, fellow readers feel stagnant or bored with the field of industry that fellow readers take. So, fellow readers really need something new, fresh and enlighten your life again.


In order to make your fellow readers’ job search happy, why don’t your fellow readers just try something different? For example, if the previous reader was a researcher at one of the Research Institutions, maybe the fellow reader could turn into a presenter of an online course or start writing his own book. Maybe a career change like that will make your fellow readers happier.


5. Look for New Inspirations Every Day. 

We know that looking for work is very boring and frustrating. That is a hard thing, and therefore we don’t need to make any of this more burdensome. Take a deep breath, stand up and smile. Step foot to get out of the house and find new inspiration every day.


If we have difficulty in getting a job, maybe we can start a new job from the various inspirations we have got. For example, a fellow reader starts a pet food shop business because he was inspired by a neighbor’s cat that is often taken for a walk when you’re looking for inspiration.


6. Make a Daily Journal. 

When we are unemployed and waiting for interview calls from dozens or even hundreds of job vacancies that we apply for, this will be a very boring and sad time. Especially if we begin to compare ourselves with the career achievements that our friends have. Ouch, I can’t imagine the dizzy!


Relax, believe that our career success will also come soon anyway! Keep doing positive and beneficial things. For example, try to make an essay or journal that will later be included for the competition, or write a book.


Write all our positive activities in a daily journal. So, when one day we are called to a job interview, we can give a detailed picture of what we have been doing during unemployment. It also assures us that we have not wasted any time we have.


7. Keep Looking for New Friends and Expand Connections. 

As we said earlier that finding a job in this day and age is indeed very difficult. This indicates that it is not only us who find it difficult to find work. However, there are many people out there who experience the same thing as us.


When looking for work becomes very difficult, don’t give up ! Continue to find quality new friends, and expand our connections. For example, attending a seminar or conference. We can exchange experience stories with them, which is to know we can get a job from some of the vacancies they provide us.


8. Improve Skills Possessed or Learn New Skills. 

No need to feel sad when we have not gotten a new job. Maybe this is God’s way to prepare ourselves to be greater people for the new work that we will get later. There are two ways to get rid of sadness when we are looking for work. First, prepare yourself better by honing the skills we already have. Second, prepare yourself by learning new skills to increase your competence.


9. Focus on yourself. 

One factor why we don’t feel happy is that we compare ourselves too often with others. Thus, we feel that the lives of others are far better and happier than our lives. We need to end this mindset and focus on the job search we are doing now. Focusing on yourself will make us happier.


10. Be patient and keep praying. 

When all efforts have been made, do not forget to continue to be patient and pray to God so that we will be rushed to get the job we want. This is very important so that we still feel happy, calm and excited in finding the expected work .


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