7 useful services for scheduling tasks

In order to implement a project on time, it is necessary to properly set up management processes at each stage of the implementation of key tasks. Various tools help to cope with this, which allow you to control the situation from anywhere and at any time.

Managing multiple projects at the same time, delegating tasks, and collaborating between teams are often fraught with various and unforeseen obstacles. But the integration of simple and affordable planning tools with existing programs in the company will make the work more flexible and efficient.

1. Trello

The working environment in  Trello seem very inconsistent – planks. On each, you can create any number of columns of cards, mark them in different colors, drag and drop – thus assign tasks to yourself and your colleagues. You can set due dates, attach files, add other participants. There is a filter of cards by colors, tags or calendar.

In the basic version, the service can be used for free. Paid offers advanced functionality: an unlimited number of boards and additional tools for teamwork.

Suitable for:

  • project management;
  • making lists;
  • effective teamwork.

2. Todoist

With the help of the service, you can manage your tasks offline, prioritize tasks, set tags and dates, create joint tasks, receive notifications and reminders by e-mail, etc.

The free functionality of Todoist is enough to organize your lists easily. In the paid version, you can attach files.

Suitable for:

  • planning your own affairs;
  • workload distribution;
  • planning joint projects;
  • setting goals and tracking performance;
  • compiling shopping lists, checklists, and reminders.

3. TickTick

The service supports voice typing, has built-in statistics and a Pomodoro timer. You can use TickTick both as a simple notepad and as a multifunctional diary linked to Google Calendar.

The service is paid, but there is a limited free version.

Suitable for:

  • planning your own tasks,
  • team use.

4. Google Keep

In this free online notebook, you can take both regular notes and checklists, attach pictures and voice files. In addition, the Google Keep service allows you to share tasks, set reminders – they are synchronized with the Calendar by time and location.

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The service itself distributes notes into categories: for example, tasks marked with color – into the “Colors” category, notes about food – “Food”.

Suitable for:

  • creating notes, checklists.

5. Any.do

Basic Any.do functions are free: to-do list, calendar, reminders, synchronization with other devices (work computer or laptop) and applications. Lists are organized into categories and folders, subtasks and descriptions are added. The new task is added to the Today list, but the date can be changed.

Suitable for:

  • planning your own tasks,
  • team use.

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6. Habitica

The Habitica app looks like an RPG. The player controls the character he creates himself. The player can level up by unlocking new features. But in the event of death from damage and failure to do things, various items – gold, attribute points and one character level – will be lost.

Suitable for:

  • scheduling tasks, daily affairs,
  • the formation of good habits.

7. Forest

This mobile app doesn’t help you plan things, but it protects you from  procrastination .

The bottom line is this: if you need to focus on something, the user starts a timer in the application (from 30 to 120 minutes) and plunges into things. While the owner of the smartphone is working, the application “grows” the tree. As soon as the user switches to another program or closes the Forest ahead of time, the tree dies.

If you don’t get distracted by your phone, you can grow a whole forest. For each tree grown, virtual money is assigned, which can be spent on the purchase of new types of trees.

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