7 graphic products that every office should have

The personalization of graphic products is a very efficient way to strengthen the brand of an office before clients. In addition, it allows standardizing visual communication, both external and internal.

To do this, stationery items can, for example, take on a new life with different materials and application of company logos, making an excellent first impression.

Knowing this, find out, next, the 7 types of printed products that every office should have – and that you, as a good professional in the graphic area, must offer to win even more your customers!

7 graphic products that every office should have

1. Letterhead

One of the main demands of offices is the issuance of documents, such as contracts and letters, and transmitting reliability in these forms of communication is essential. So invest in letterheads!

With headers and footers personalized with the brand and company information, they can be produced on a variety of supports, from bond paper, for internal communication, to varieties of special papers , such as pearlescent, for high level demands.

2. Envelope

Reinforcing an office’s brand presence and reliability is always necessary, and mailing can be made much more professional with the use of custom envelopes .

Of simple and cheap production, they allow several formats, from the small ones, for sending letters and receipts, to the larger sizes, for documents that cannot be folded and have a great visual impact for the recipient.

3. Corporate notebooks

With a greater focus on internal communication, these graphic products are of great importance in standardizing and reinforcing the brand among employees. Compared to   personalized notebooks , standard commercials provide much less credibility, as they can convey a certain carelessness and lack of care for employees.

4. Notebooks

Notepads are real saviors in the daily life of an office, being practical and efficient for storing last-minute information, such as phones and e-mails.

Like notebooks, blocks are products that are very present in the routine of employees, and personalizing them with the company’s brand is yet another way to standardize internal visual communication and provide a certain pamper to the talent pool.

5. Table calendar

In the age of calendars and time tracking apps on smartphones, physical desk calendars seem anachronistic. Despite this, these products are still very much in demand, due to the ease of date management and the feeling of more palpable control in relation to their electronic competitors.

Customizing desk calendars is a great idea, both for internal and external distribution, and the material allows boldness in finishes, such as varied types of papers and bookbinding.

6. Folders

A large part of the office work involves visits and meetings, ideal moments for the dissemination of brands with professionalism. So, believe me: your customers will really like this graphic option.

With different sizes, the pastes can be produced in versions of leather, acrylic, noble papers and with finishes such as varnish or metallic print. The customization possibilities are endless!

7. Stickers and labels

With a low production cost and endless options of finishes and materials, stickers and labels are portable alternatives for distribution to customers, employees, suppliers and the general public, and can be sticked on the car, on notebook covers, among others, spreading and disseminating the marks.

In this post, we saw a list of some of the graphic products indispensable for an office, in addition to talking about the importance of customizing printed materials to reinforce the brand and standardize internal communication. Knowing this, invest now in the production of personalized graphic items for the office and delight your customers!

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