7 Effective Practices for Happiness

Seven effective practices successful people use to achieve happiness Which of them did they help and what is the secret of harmony with yourself and the world around you.

We often hear about positive thinking, but something does not allow us to approach this aspect of life in full and enjoy the joy of positive, optimism right now. This article contains the most useful thoughts, ideas, practices and tasks that I have read in recent months from such authors as Deepak Chopra, Elizaveta Babanova, Elena Blinovskaya, Gisele Bundchen and Cameron Diaz. These people shared their experience, their vision, and we have a lot to learn from each of them.

So, each of us is faced with problems in our personal life, fears in the realization of our desires and the most anxious dreams, we enter into conflicts and contradictions at work, often we are so energetically depleted that we do not have the slightest desire to engage in physical activity to improve our health. body.

Think about it, what kind of person would you like to become? Imagine the best version of yourself, how does she look, how does she move, what does she do, what she feels, what she thinks, what kind of people is she surrounded by? How is the best version of you different from you today?

Now, in silence, ask yourself, “What do I need to do today to feel emotionally fulfilled?” Your inner voice will not deceive you. What brings you joy: dancing, meeting friends, massage, listening to your favorite music, picnic, hiking, playing the guitar, reading books? Write down a list of what brings you pleasure, but only this should be something that does not directly or indirectly harm your body or inconvenience the people around you.

Seven Effective Practices:

And now you can move on to the most interesting part, these are the practices that conscious and happy people use on a regular basis, techniques that bring inner satisfaction, self-knowledge and the realization of the most cherished desires.

A wish list

Let’s start with the first task, which includes writing 100 goals , dreams, desires. I read about this from many authors, including Elizaveta Babanova and Elena Blinovskaya. Make a list of 100 points, do not be shy about your desires, do not limit yourself to false beliefs, write everything that your soul dreams of. And recently I heard such an interesting thought, shared by Elena Blinovskaya: “If you have such a desire, if such an idea has arisen in your head, then a priori the Universe is already letting you know that this is YOUR desire and that you CAN implement it”

Circle of happy life

The second task – draw a circle and divide it into 8 equal parts. Sign this circle “My Happy Life.” Think about what your ideal life should include, what it should consist of, so that you feel well, now I’m in seventh heaven! Is it a good mood, is it a happy relationship with a soul mate, is it travel, is it a healthy and slim body, is it wealth? Think about what is important to you. Then determine for yourself what is 1 point, for example, for the travel zone, I don’t rest at all and I don’t go anywhere, and 10 points – I travel 5 times a year to the places of my dreams. Each zone of its circle should be rated from 1 to 10 points. Understand what you specifically lack for this or that area to reach 9 or 10 points? And for the next month, choose one part of your life, one sphere, which you will pump and improve. During the month, ask yourself the question “What do I need to do today to get as close as possible to my goal.

Thank you list

In order to amplify your positive vibrations as much as possible to attract positive events into your life, learn to be grateful. For this EVERY day, write gratitude lists for various events, for small and large occasions. Being engaged in the program of Elizaveta Babanova “Spherical Development”, I introduced the habit of making a list of thanks every single day, and you know, I began to value my life more. Know how to rejoice and find advantages in everything that happens around you. And, believe me, you will notice that you have a lot in life for which you really need to say Thank you!

Positive seeds

The next no less interesting and useful practice that I read from Elizaveta Babanova and Michael Roach is helping, providing support, love, care, advice to other people. Sow positive seeds that will surely sprout into a good garden in your life. There is a very interesting technique when we should help people on a regular basis in the very area where we ourselves would like to improve. For example, if you want to advance at work or find your calling, then find someone with similar goals and once a week help him achieve what he wants. For example, I began to take care of a lonely grandmother at a time when it seemed to me that my life was meaningless and that I was the person who did not know how to love and care. I think it’s not even worth telling how deeply warmth settled in my heart after meeting with Marya Ivanovna.

Introduction of healthy lifestyle

The fifth suggested practice I read in the books of Gisele Bundchen and Cameron Diaz is the adoption and implementation of a healthy lifestyle. It might sound boring to you at first, right? But let’s look at this. Without proper nutrition with useful microelements, without proper maintenance of his body in an active form, well, in no way a person will be able to remain healthy, beautiful, slim and happy. No matter how trite it may sound, but we are what we eat. In her book, Gisele Bundchen inspires us to respect our body as a wonderful vessel for our pure soul to be filled with healthy, fresh food. Cameron Diaz in The Book of the Body jokes, “If the red light on your dashboard comes on to warn you to refuel, you wouldn’t buy tomato juice to fill your engine, would you? Your cells also run on fuel and, as with a car, it is important to fill the correct fuel for proper operation. ” As Deepak Chopra says, when choosing food, let it match the life you dream of – fresh, colorful and joyful. Find a sport that you like, not something that is fashionable now or it is believed that you will build faster from it, but something that brings you great pleasure, then you can introduce active physical activity as an integral part of your life.

Your new seven days

In one of Deepak Chopra’s books, I found an amazing practice that helps to change my life in the most positive way. So, every new day is a new opportunity to live brightly and interestingly. Deepak Chopra proposes a new motto for every day of the week, a new behavior that is worth building your plans for within 24 hours. Namely: on Monday I transform passivity into activity, on Tuesday I turn monotony into amazing, on Wednesday I change old into new, fresh, on Thursday I replace pessimism with optimism, on Friday I turn boring into bright, on Saturday I turn work into rest, on Sunday I change the ordinary for the inspiring. To be honest, this method inspired me a lot and for the last two weeks I have been trying to implement it in my life.

Key issues

And finally, the seventh practice that Gisele Bundchen described, which she conducts every year, is to ask yourself two key questions that will help you expand your perception of life. The first question is: how well or, on the contrary, unsatisfactorily I used my time, which life has given me during the last year? The second question: have I taken full advantage of all the benefits of every hour, day, week, month of my life?

I sincerely wish that each person fulfills their desires, that each of us sparkles with a positive, truly love and be loved, and also be the personification of a healthy and beautiful person! The practices presented above are just the beginning in the world of happiness, harmony, self-realization. But thanks to these techniques – we will take our first step towards the best version of ourselves and our life!


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