Self potential is the capacity of self that is used to achieve goals in life. To find our potential, we must recognize ourselves and our goals. By understanding our strengths and weaknesses, we can set the right strategy to achieve goals.


Not many people really understand their own potential. Now, if we are unable to recognize our potential, we will find it difficult to have a prosperous life. Recognizing our potential can change lives and enable us to realize dreams. Each of us has great potential in each of us. Of course, our potential is different from that of others, for example we may be very good at completing formulas and numbers, but our partners are also very good at language skills.


The potential for oneself is not limited to one area. There are many potentials that can be found within. We not only have the potential in a career, but also in a love relationship, to have a prosperous life, to be a wise person, and other great potentials. Then, how can we explore our full potential? Here are 6 ways to explore your own potential so that you can become the best version of yourself and achieve your goals.


1. Get to know yourself.

To be the best version of ourselves, we must recognize ourselves very well. What strengths, talents and weaknesses do you have? Can we write down 2 or 3 strengths and weaknesses ourselves? There are some people who might know their strengths and weaknesses well, but there are others who have difficulty doing this. To recognize ourselves, we need to do some special reflections and get feedback from others. Yes, I know that it is not easy to accept what other people say, especially if the person giving the good bait is our subordinate. However, this is the part that can help us to recognize ourselves very well.


After we know the strengths and weaknesses of ourselves, we also have to know what things we really want to do. I am sure that each of us certainly wants to do something meaningful. We want to be part of big things and give a meaning to life. The best way we can do is find out what we really want to do. Therefore, we must find what is passion and how to manage that passion. The exciting thing does not always have to make money, but it must be an inseparable part of our lives.


2. Build a routine consistently.

Exploring one’s potential cannot be separated from the daily routine that is done consistently. To achieve maximum potential , we must be willing to do one simple thing consistently. Believe me, if we want to do great things, everything starts from simple things that are done continuously.


Establish daily routines that can help us be more productive. Daily routines that are carried out consistently will make it easier for us to get work done so that there is no need to waste a lot of time if we have a lot of routines.


3. Always improve your abilities.

The worst mistake that can hamper your potential is the road in place. Yes, we must continue to try to improve our abilities . We cannot quickly feel satisfied and proud of what we have. This can make us stagnant and lazy to make improvements.


4. Avoid delays.

Use the best time because we will never get it back. So, avoid yourself from procrastination. Procrastination will only make the work pile up and will never be finished.


Exploring your potential means that you have to use your time as best you can. We must not waste time on useless things. If we spend a lot of time surfing the social media or watching TV shows that are not meaningful, it would be nice if you use that time to try new things that can increase your potential.


5. Say no.

Saying yes to everything, will only waste time. We don’t have time to focus on the important things. We may also find it difficult to say no, but we must do this. By exploring our potential means that we must have time to focus on things related to the goal. Time is a limited resource, so you have to use it very wisely. Have the courage to say no to things that are not related to achieving one’s potential.


6. Understand that success is a process, not an event.

Exploring one’s potential also has a close relationship with mindset. We must establish in the mindset that success is a process, not an event. This point is often forgotten by many people. There is no sudden success. Success requires time and sacrifice. If we want to achieve success, there are many sacrifices that must be sacrificed.


For that, we need to identify the work they have. What things are needed to drive our success? What skills must we develop and can provide more value to our careers? Find it. For example, as sales staff we have difficulty negotiating. Well, we might be able to take part in training, seminars and other ways to make us good at negotiating . That way, we will be able to reach our full potential. We will be able to negotiate and reach an agreement.


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