6 tips to lose weight fast in two weeks

A gradual weight loss, with dietary reeducation and abandoning a sedentary lifestyle is something that takes time. But there are emergency cases where it is necessary to lose some weight in a short period, such as a two-week break.

It may be due to a trip to the beach at the last minute or the proximity of an important event, such as a wedding or graduation.


However, the urgent need to lose weight cannot be an excuse to follow restrictive tactics that pose health hazards. For example, this includes a drastic cut in calories and meals or the abuse of laxatives .

But know that there are strategies that can help you lose weight quickly in just two weeks and do it in a healthy and safe way. As we will learn from the tips in the following list:

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1. Eliminate all sugary drinks

You probably have heard of the strong association between sugar and weight gain, right? Therefore, the first tip is to cut out of the meals all drinks composed of sugar, such as soft drinks, artificial juices, industrialized teas, milk shakes, creamy coffees, among others.

In fact, even the natural fruit juices should drop out in those two weeks. Although fruits are healthy foods, in the form of juice their sugar is too concentrated, even without adding table sugar to the preparation.

2. Hide unhealthy foods from yourself

It’s easier to resist a sugar-filled treat or a snack full of bad fats when they don’t appear in front of you all the time.

Therefore, the second strategy is to hide from yourself all those foods that you know help to put on weight and are not healthy.

You can place them right at the bottom of the cabinet or store them in boxes well out of your sight. If it is something perishable, that needs to be in the refrigerator, the solution is to donate the product to someone.

3. Abolish processed foods from meals

The idea here is to exchange industrialized products for fresh, natural and home-cooked foods.


For example, replace frozen breaded chicken with a roasted or grilled skinless chicken breast, frozen pre-fried and pre-fried potatoes with roasted vegetable chips or gummy candies with pieces of fresh fruit.

This will bring less consumption of salt, monosodium glutamate , preservatives and dyes, all elements that slow the metabolism, in addition to being bad for health.

In addition, the excess of sodium – a mineral present in salt – causes fluid retention, a condition that causes swelling.

Do you want some help to create healthy menus that help you lose weight during these two weeks?

So, know the ideas of breakfast rich in protein to lose weight , these healthy snack ideas with less than 150 calories , these lunch ideas that do not fattening and dining ideas not fattening .

4. Consume at least 2.5 liters of water daily

Drinking a good amount of water every day is important to eliminate excess sodium and liquid in your urine and help your bowel function. A constipation also makes the belly more prominent.

Drinking plenty of water still daily contributes to appetite. The center that signals hunger and the center that signals thirst are nearby. That is, it makes it possible to think that you are hungry when in fact you are thirsty.

Once well hydrated, you decrease the chances of eating unnecessarily.


5. Do physical activities at least 5 times a week

If you can do the exercises 6 times a week, even better. You can do aerobic exercise like walking, jogging or swimming.

Just like you can join a program like High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It intersperses intense periods of exercise with light periods of exercise or rest. Find out the tips to lose weight through the HIIT training for beginners .

6. Prohibition: no alcoholic beverages

You should not consume any type of alcoholic beverage during these two weeks aimed at rapid weight loss. But why?

Because alcoholic drinks demand a lot from the liver and the body in general. Alcohol makes you stop focusing on burning fats, reducing it. This is to focus on eliminating alcohol, which is toxic to the body.

But that’s not all: when a person drinks, their inhibitions are reduced. That is, she is more likely to eat something that will not help her weight loss at all, such as pizza, chips, hot dogs or fried chicken.

As if that were not enough, some alcoholic drinks are very caloric and contain sugar and carbohydrates. All this accumulates in the body, as more doses are taken.


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