How to lose weight using Apple Watch

It’s almost impossible to buy an Apple Watch and ignore the various health indicators. Anyone who thinks differently – most likely never used a watch on a regular basis. I think that we can say with complete confidence that Cupertino coped with their task. No matter how you strive to burn your own life, when the clock reminds you of the need to warm up, everyone gets up from the couch. Since Apple Watch costs a lot of money, I suggest you squeeze all the useful features out of it to the maximum. Today I propose to talk about a feature that most users simply do not pay attention to. Although there are a lot of benefits from it.

Share your activity on Apple Watch. Motivate yourself to live a healthy lifestyle.

I know firsthand that many people face the problem of being overweight . Each of them gets out of the situation in a different way. Some buy various motivational courses and first solve problems with their heads, others simply sign up to the gym and wind 10 km there every day, and still others buy an Apple Watch.

Apple Watch activity

That on the Internet you can find the opinion that for productive work you do not need to buy separate gadgets. You can start editing YouTube videos from your phone, edit Instagram photos with free apps, and take care of yourself without Apple Watch. My experience suggests the opposite – as soon as I bought myself a few devices from the apple company, productivity went up the hill. Buying is also a great motivation.

Buy smartwatches. They will benefit you a lot.

We have already told you more than once about the Activity application with all its features and nuances. If you just bought yourself a smartwatch from Apple, first read this material. Here you can find many helpful tips to help you stay in shape at all times.

However, not many have heard of the opportunity to share their activity with other owners of smart electronics. Think for yourself – an excellent solution to the problem of excess weight and insufficient physical activity . Arrange competitions with friends and in the pursuit of victory, without noticing it, become slimmer and more enduring.

How to share activity on Apple Watch

You and your friends only need an Apple Watch to share activity data. In fact, this is the only condition. With the new feature, through notifications, you can see how other users close their rings, complete training or earn rewards, as well as arrange competitions with each other.

To share an activity , you need:

  • Open the Fitness app on iPhone.
  • Go to the Share tab in the lower right corner.
  • Next, click Get Started.
  • Then tap on the icon in the upper right corner.
  • In the new window, click on Plus at the top of the screen.
  • Choose a sportsmate from your contacts (You can add up to 40 friends).
  • After selecting several people, click Submit.
  • Wait for your friends to accept the invitation.

Add friends to Fitness and play sports together.

Check the Share tab on your iPhone or Apple Watch regularly. Perhaps your friends have already tried several times to invite you, but you just did not see it. By the way, exactly the same thing can be done directly from the watch, without taking your iPhone out of your pocket. You don’t have to do a lot of movements:

  • Open the Activity app.
  • Swipe left to go to the Share screen.
  • Scroll down and tap Invite a friend.

This is how Friends Activity looks like on Apple Watch.

How to force yourself to play sports

Sharing activity is not enough. We need competition. And Apple gives this opportunity to its users:

  • Open the Fitness app on iPhone.
  • Go to the Share tab.
  • Pick a friend.
  • Click “Compete with …”
  • Click Invite to confirm the action.
  • Wait for your friend to accept the invitation.

In this menu, you can adjust all the Competition Settings.

Now you can invite your friends to the seven-day competition. This week you will earn points by closing your Activity rings. Points will be awarded for progress in Activity every day. But there are limits: up to 600 points per day and 4200 points per week.

The one with the most points at the end of the competition wins. When the competition is over, you will receive the corresponding reward. Plus, during the test, you can easily grab a couple of other rewards, which will motivate you even more.

Тим Кук объяснил, кому следует уйти с iPhone на Android.

Interestingly, the progress of everyone you added to Activity will be sent to you in the form of notifications on your watch . If desired, you can challenge directly from there.

I decided to keep a record of all the parameters of my health, including: heart rate throughout the day, an assessment of the level of cardio endurance and weight, in order to then evaluate how effective this method will be. I recommend that you subscribe to our news channel in Telegram . Later I will report on the work done.

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