6 important areas in audiovisual direction

The audiovisual direction requires profiles with a professional development in the audiovisual sector that allows you to know the complex and intricate audiovisual market. Preferably, it will always be important that the audiovisual director or the person who is going to be part of said area, has knowledge of the production, post-production phases and all the parts that have to do with the more technical part of the process.

However, the managerial and administrative facet is of utmost importance for this responsibility, since it will be the person in charge of directing producers, distributors or television channels among other corporations. This is why the fields of knowledge and experience that an audiovisual director must cover are very wide. We would highlight the following:

  1. Financial management: in this sense, starting from an expense budget, it is about executing the different items and controlling all the phases of the same until their payment.
  2. Direction and management of human resources: it is important to control the hiring of personnel and to know the different processes for it.
  3. Marketing: It is essential to have marketing knowledge to develop the marketing plan of the corporation to carry out the strategy of positioning in the market. Also its application and execution in addition to the conclusions and improvements phase.
  4. Business processes: the most administrative and management aspects of a company, necessary for the proper internal functioning of the company.
  5. Executive production:proposal of ideas, control of the various products or programs, logistical needs or promotional and advertising control, among many other things that will depend on the activity of the company.
  6. Audiovisual production management: as we mentioned previously, the most technical aspects of the audiovisual process.

To teach so many and so many fields for training in audiovisual management, it is necessary to have teachers with different professional profiles capable of teaching each of these areas in a specialized way. In the case of CPA Online,  that is what you will find in our Master in Audiovisual Direction , three teachers such as Silvia Hernández, Head of the Marketing Department at CARTV, Natalia Yagüe, with more than 10 years of experience in the audiovisual sector, where she has worked in important production companies and television channels, and Manuela Sánchez, specialist in legal and business matters.


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