6 Examples of Application of Industrial and Business Public Relations

The ongoing industrial and business activities cannot be separated from the influence of the community’s environment, bearing in mind that the community is the target of industrial and business markets. That is why there is an awareness of the importance of paying attention and involving the role of the community in decisions and activities in the industrial and business environment. From this then emerged a characteristic and concept of public relations industry and business.

Some of the objectives of the existence of industrial and business public relations themselves include, such as to find out more about the community and its interests in it, to publicize the conditions and processes of the industry and business itself, and so forth. In addition to these objectives, there are also several applications of industrial and business public relations that can be seen from its role in the environment and people’s lives. The following are 6 examples of the application of industrial and business public relations in organizations and companies:

  1. Relationship with customers

The application of industrial and business public relations first is from customer relationships. This is actually adjusted from the background of the creation of industrial and business public relations itself, where the community becomes a target market. Therefore, maintaining relationships with customers is an important role and task that must be carried out by the public relations department.

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  1. The marketing process

The function of public relations in marketing communication is inevitable, that is, public relations in industry and business plays an active role in the marketing process. Where then also raises the application of marketing PR or public relations . Relationships with customers will also affect the ongoing marketing process, because it depends on customer decisions on products and services offered by an organization and company. This is also part of the public relations function in corporate marketing communications . The success of a marketing process is usually also the key to success of an organization or company.

  1. Relations with the press or mass media

Not only applied in customer relations, but industry and business public relations is also applied in organizational or corporate relations with the press and mass media. For example as in the publication of activities and decisions taken. This is also related to the marketing process which involves the role of the media in public relations as a means of communication. Moreover through the mass media, an organization or company can also maintain their image.

  1. Relationships with other organizations or companies

Collaboration between organizations or companies is also important in efforts to build an image as well as industry and business increasingly advanced. This can be done with the application of industrial and business public relations in establishing relationships with other organizations or companies. Of course this is important to remember given the range of target markets or the community itself is very broad. Therefore, industry and business public relations also need to understand negotiation techniques in business communication well.

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  1. Relations with the government

The establishment of an organization or company certainly can not be separated also with permission and support from the government. Therefore maintaining relations with the government is also an important part that must be considered by industry and business public relations, such as the public relations function in government institutions . Even more so in the rule of law, where everything has rules or laws that are in force and must be obeyed.

  1. Relationships in the recruitment of new employees

The latest application of industry and business public relations is its relationship with the recruitment of new employees. Public Relations can also play an active and significant role in hiring new employees in organizations or companies. Of course this is also related to the role of public relations in maintaining relationships with the community and also in the marketing side.

That is some examples of the application of industrial and business public relations in organizations or companies, where the application is closely related to important roles that must be considered and carried out. Hopefully the information above can be useful.


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