5 Examples of Application of International Public Relations in General

On the basis of international public relations arises due to the rapid development of people’s lives in various aspects of life. It is these developments which then lead to the occurrence of relations involving one country with another. To maintain good relations and keep up with its objectives, international public relations is needed.

In addition to language as a communication tool , communication media are widely used in international public relations themselves such as mass media, the press, conferences, and so forth. Therefore, international public relations has an important role in all aspects of community life internationally. So what are some examples of their application? Here are 5 examples of the most common applications of international public relations:

  1. In the political field

The first example of the application of international public relations can be seen in the political field. Where international public relations plays a lot in world-class conference activities involving many countries in it.

In carrying out the conference activities as well as to maintain good relations between countries in the political field, international public relations is needed therein both as a media and for negotiations. Without international public relations, the role of political communication in international relations and the political goals of each country in carrying out relations with other countries will be difficult to convey.

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  1. In the field of tourism and culture

The tourism sector is also one of the promising aspects for the international community. Not only in the tourism sector, but also equipped with a cultural field, bearing in mind there is a link between communication and culture .

Where at this time there are also many exchange activities for cultural performances between countries. This of course also cannot be separated from the role of international public relations in it. Culture is also one of the attractions for tourism in a country, therefore these two fields are closely related to each other.

  1. In the field of education

In addition to tourism and culture, international public relations also plays a role in education. His role can be seen from activities such as student exchanges, expert exchanges between one country and another, and many other educational activities.

Even today there are many international student conferences held in various countries in turn. Therefore, maintaining relations between countries in good condition is important especially in the role of international public relations.

  1. In the economic field

International public relations also plays an important role in the economic field, such as the presence of export and import activities. Without international public relations, the activities of exchanging goods and services between countries will be difficult to carry out.

Why is that? Because when there is no international public relations, cooperation between countries also cannot be established. When there is no cooperation between countries there is no relationship or activity that can be done together. It is also closely related to the public relations function in marketing communication between countries.

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  1. In the field of communication

The last example of international public relations application in this discussion is in the field of communication. The development of increasingly advanced communication in a short amount of time makes communication between countries easier.

In fact this also affects national borders. Therefore, international public relations also plays an important role in international communication in order to remain within national borders and the rules of each country.

That’s him 5 examples of the application of international public relations. From the examples above it can be concluded that international public relations plays an active role in various aspects of life that concern the international community. It also plays a role in maintaining good relations between countries. Thus information related to the role of public relations in general, hopefully the information above can be useful


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