5 Examples of the Application of Social Public Relations in Society

PR is an acronym for public relations which is interpreted as appropriate to the process of creating a better public understanding. It is intended to deepen public trust both for individuals and an organization through the importance of communication in public relations .

The purpose of public relations itself is to create, maintain, expand, and also protect the image or reputation of an organization or company. In addition, public relations also plays a role in displaying ideals and in the process of achieving the goals of the organization or company concerned.

Has an important purpose and role, there are also various types of public relations. One such item that will be discussed in this review is Social Relations. Social PR itself is public relations formed especially at various social organizations present in society. Usually the social organization also has a significant role in its relations with the community. So what are some examples of the application of social PR in the social organization? The following 5 examples include:

1 Law Enforcement Public Relations

The first example is the application of law enforcement public relations. In the process, law enforcement public relations has a function and role to listen and is also responsive to the public interest, so that law enforcement can help the community well. This is also part of the public relations function in government institutions . Even in carrying out their role, law enforcement public relations also works closely with citizen advisors and the mass media.

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  1. Public Relations of Religious Organizations

If you pay attention, a lot of religious organizations are formed in the community. Religious organizations’ public relations have important functions and roles, such as taking care of publications, data collection, and also holding various kinds of events in the community. Moreover, religious organizations are also beginning to realize the importance of relations or the role of the media in public relations , which can be a way to reach the congregants to propagate the doctrines of these religious organizations.

  1. Public Relations in the Police

Public relations in the police is also one example of the application of social relations, which actually is also part of law enforcement public relations. This is because the police have always been a concern of the community, which has a close relationship with the role of minorities, citizens’ rights, public order, and so forth. Therefore public relations in the police have a significant role in the creation of trust in society towards law enforcement in a country in accordance with the objectives and functions of public relations in general.

  1. Public Relations of Voluntary Organizations

In addition to religious organizations, there are also many voluntary organizations in society. The role of public relations in voluntary organizations themselves is very important, which plays a role in maintaining the image and achieving the goals of the organization. The operation of a voluntary organization can not be separated from the collection of funds, where this will be closely related to the image of the organization and the publication of the organization itself.

Therefore, as with the public relations function in marketing communication , the role of public relations is needed for the success and success of voluntary organizations in society, especially in marketing or promoting their organizations.

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  1. Professional Public Relations

An example of the application of the last social public relations profession is public relations. Public relations profession itself is related to the profession of a person or individual in society. The application of social public relations to the profession’s public relations itself is to get recognition, publications, and professionalism related to what has been done and related to the public interest.

Those are 5 examples of the application of social PR in the life of an organization in society. From the example above it can be concluded that the role of public relations is more directed to the existence of publications and the achievement of interests associated with the public, for the achievement of trust and good relations with the community. This also matches the purpose of communication in public relations . Hopefully the information above can be useful.

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