6 Best Grammar Apps for Android

While autocorrect is great, it’s not always good. Sometimes, even with the best of intentions, you could use the wrong “there” or “your”. That’s when grammar apps for Android come in handy. From apps that help you correct while typing to apps that help you improve your grammar skills naturally, turn your Android device into a much more professional grammar tool for all your communications.

1. Grammar – Top Picks

As a writer, I have not installed any device without grammar . As I type, Grammarly suggests corrections, which I can ignore or accept. In my personal experience, the app is right about ninety-nine percent of the time. On my phone I use the free version, but there is also a premium version for all the features. I use the premium version on my desktop and it’s worth it if you write often.

Grammatically installs as a keyboard on Android. When you enable the keyboard, you will receive autocorrect grammar features in the free version.

2. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

There’s nothing like a dictionary to help you with your grammar, but who has time to flip through a real dictionary while texting or composing an email? Try the Android version of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary instead . One thing that really stands out is that you don’t need to know how to spell something to look it up. Just use the microphone function to say the word and see your options. You’ll even find advice on how to use the word in a sentence so you know you’re using the right word in context.

Built-in quizzes help you perfect your grammar and even learn new words. It is a nice daily tool to learn new things.

3. Speak correctly

Speaking correctly is one of the more unique grammar apps for Android. What I love the most is that it is designed for both native and non-native speakers. It supports multiple languages, so you can improve your grammar even if you travel somewhere and are not fluent in the language.

Make sure you say and spell things correctly by using the pronunciation feature. Or type what you want to say in the text editor. You’ll need to copy and paste the text into another app you want to use when you’re done. While the ads to buy the premium version are a bit intrusive, the free version works well.


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4. English Grammar Test

If you are serious about improving your English grammar, English Grammar Test is one of the most popular grammar apps for Android. There are over a thousand tasks to help you learn all parts of speech. By the time you’re done, you’ll have a much better understanding of sentence structure, noun-verb similarity, and even spelling. It is completely free, but does contain advertisements.

A similar option that can work well alongside the English Grammar Test is another app also called English Grammar Test , but this one is from the YOBIMI Group. It contains over 5,000 questions and has illustrations to make learning easier. If the other app seems too advanced, start with this one.

English grammar in use with test works the same way and even has a built-in translation feature. Many users say it is easier to use. Between the three, it’s all about user preference. I personally prefer the first and third app.

5. Dictionary.com

Dictionary.com is one of the best grammar apps for Android. It is a lighter version of Merriam-Webster. However, it still offers a dictionary as well as a thesaurus, microphone search and word learning activities. There’s even a word of the day quiz every week to boost your vocabulary.

If you enjoy learning facts about words, there are interesting stories about the origin of words, common word mistakes and much more.

6. English grammar in use

One of the most comprehensive grammar apps for Android is English Grammar in Use . It is based on the book by Raymond Murphy, a grammar professor. The detailed examples certainly help set it apart from the competition. The only reason I haven’t rated it higher on this list is that much of the content is behind a paywall. However, if you want to learn grammar from a real professor’s lesson plans, it’s worth buying the premium version.

By using a combination of the above apps, you will impress your friends and family with your sudden command of the English language. If you want to learn a new language instead, check out this list of the best apps for learning new languages.

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