5 wonderful use of vinegar or white vinegar in the roof garden

In recent times, hundreds of gardeners have become interested in using natural ingredients. Instead of plastic, alternative materials or chemical fertilizers, rather than pesticides, are turning to gardening using alternative natural methods. Although hundreds of organic lifestyles may seem daunting, in reality it is now possible to simply abandon artificiality. People are currently using natural produce, foodstuffs and farming equipment. Urban eminent farmers are trying to follow organic methods by showing chemical fertilizers, pesticides, disease-suppressing technology to the finger. In this case the cost of cultivation increases, but there is no alternative to returning to nature to maintain a healthy and clean environment for the foreseeable future. Experts say that white vinegar or vinegar is used for organic farming in the organic way There are several exceptional uses. Also, white vinegar is very capable of keeping the garden safe and harmless as an alternative to pesticides .

. Elimination of weeds

Timely removal of weeds and unwanted plants is a very difficult and daunting task for the garden. A little neglect can damage your hobby’s roof. Apply vinegar to sprinkle apple vinegar on any other tree you see in the rooftop . Within a short time, he will die.

2. The medium of food

There are some plants that can grow very nicely using vinegar . The Aegilis , azaleas , grows very well on acidic soil. Only one cup of white vinegar mixed with one gallon of water will grow nicely if given a little tree each day. Read more about Epsom salts used in the garden .

. Removes the flies

Mix the white vinegar with sugar, water and molluscs and keep them in the house when the fruit flies and domestic flies are removed. Whenever a fly flies around, it will get stuck in the mixture if the mixture is made around the tree.

. Eliminates allergies

If you work long hours in the garden, then your hands get dirty. It can cause the itching of many hands and feet. This is really annoying for gardeners. To avoid this, experts suggest that hand wash with distilled vinegar should be returned from the garden .

. To keep Chika Edu away

In the garden, rats can often be attacked by rats. Vinegar can play many effective roles in this regard . That’s why you only need to soak the cotton in the vinegar. The cotton will be inserted in the form of a cotton ball into the top of the tub or container. The rat chickens will never crowd your garden.

. Antacid death

Vinegar is very effective as an analgesic. Mix the soil with the vinegar and water from the ant house and sprinkle it on the affected area. The ant will go away.

. In cleaning garden equipment

Many of the steel tools used in the garden are dirty. Combine vinegar and water in a plastic bag with submerged rust tools for a few hours so that the rust will clear. Read more 6 Easy-to-care home plants.

. To remove the snail

Snail is considered one of the major hindrances to plant growth. They eat leaves and shrimp and damage the tree. In order to protect them, you can pour them over a vinegar .

. Keeps the cat away

If your pet cat has a habit of sitting in the sandbox of a rooftop garden or sitting on the drum of a cockpit, then the method of keeping your cat away from the garden is the same as Method 7.

Clean the artificial bath of birds

The bird bath is a kind of artificial pool made by gardeners to feed and bathe the birds in the garden. This artificial bathtub made for birds can take a while to rust. By using some white vinegar and water in the container, it is possible to remove the rust as in process no.

১১. Keep flowers alive for a long time

Who wants to keep fresh flowers fresh from the garden? But how long can it be kept with water! Mix 2 tablespoons vinegar with a little sugar and sprinkle with the flowers. Flowers taken from the tree for a long time will be refreshed.

The last word

All the above information is tested from long experience. Using vinegar in the garden as a natural antibacterial will make your garden even longer.


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