Hydroponics garden: Eight plants that can grow in water jars at home

Hydroponics is cultivation in a mixture of nutrient-rich water, excluding cultivation in traditional soils. The diet produced by the hydroponics system is relatively tasty and nutrient rich. More crops can be grown in short space. Moreover, the cost is less in this method.


First, you need to pick a container that will not easily drain the water. For this, special jars or containers can be used;

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Now fill the jar with water. This is why it is best not to take water directly from the tap. Chlorine is high in these waters, so the tree cannot survive. If you can, collect rainwater. Now that the monsoon is going on. It is not difficult to get rain water. The plants are also very fresh in this water. Learn more about aquaponics .


There are some plants or plants that take a while to adapt to the new environment. This can usually take 2-5 weeks.

The last word

The plant or tree you use for aquaponics will have a few roots removed.


Tomato is currently a very popular hydroponics plant. In homes, suitable medium and light fixtures inside the house can produce very good results in very few places. Of course in this case the seedlings in the presence of soil should be lifted and planted through aquaponics. Tomato seedlings do not germinate in water.


Mint is a medicinal herb of many quality. With hydroponics, you can easily collect mint leaves every day at home. Cut off a small stalk or leaf of mint. Birth care does not require any special care.


If you have enough light and warmth, the basil can grow comfortably in your home. Trees grown in hydroponics will cut off the buds before they burst, so that your basil will survive for a long time.


We use its leaves to enhance aroma in cooking. Now you can cultivate this medicinal plant with hydroponics at home. Very small thyme trees should be cultivated in hydroponics. Their color is light green. The branches and branches of the old tree become stiff. The buds usually burst after May and July. To prune the stem or part of the tree, it is necessary to cut the stem from the mother tree and immediately place it in a container of water. Otherwise, the stem will become stiff and inappropriate. Learn about Rambutan cultivation .


Yes, you can also cultivate hydroponics. It is a very well known herb of Bangladesh. Separate containers are made from seed and transplanted to the Hydroponics field.


On the roof of hobby gardeners, it is normal to have two pepper plants on the porch. Like tomatoes, shrimp can be cultivated through hydroponics.


Summer cucumber is a very popular vegetable. Cucumber can also be cultivated very easily in hydroponics medium. Shrubbery is best for hydroponics. It is better not to have fallen trees. Later, the fallen trees may be picking up the walls of your home. So be careful in the selection of castes in advance.


Rosemary is a very well known herb in nurseries. Its timber-shaped buds are quite durable as hydroponics. It is best to collect shoots from the rosemary tree after winter. During this time, shrimp can grow quickly. Rosemary is a very popular tree to live in.


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