What is motivation? According to Robert Kreitner, motivation is psychological processes that cause stimulation, direction and perseverance towards an activity carried out voluntarily and directed by a goal that we really want. Motivation is also often associated with psychological urges that make our lives more energized and motivated.


For example, when we feel thirsty, we will be motivated to stand up and walk to the kitchen to get fresh drinks from the refrigerator. We are also motivated to spend the fresh drinks until finally our goal to eliminate thirst can be fulfilled.


What Is Motivation for Millennial Generation? 

Many people say that “Millennial generation likes to change, likes instant results, is very sensitive, does not want to fight hard” and so forth. Although some people think that these are all bad characters, some people think that they are the advantages of millennial generation.


No matter how our perception of millennials, the things we need to realize is that they are the generation who are old enough to enter the world of work and business. Eventually, these millennial generations will become future leaders. Therefore, previous generations should realize and understand very well that now it is their job to encourage millennials to be more motivated and shape them into superior seeds who will become future leaders.


Now we talk about business or startup topics a little bit, before we will finally connect the conversation at the event motivating millennial generation. The development of startup business in all corners of the world has become a phenomenal economic situation. Large startup companies with multinational standards as we find it today, were once just small startup businesses, colleagues. Well, the evolution of this business culture has in fact been understood by today’s millennial generation.


Therefore, we may often see that today’s millennial kids make instagramable coffee shop businesses with unique cup designs or product names. They built this business certainly not because there was no reason. However, they built it with the belief that today small businesses will be much easier to develop into big businesses.


In 2015, there was a survey conducted by The Go Game that showed that as many as 79% of the millennial generation aged 21-30 years really like to form activities that build “teams” or “culture” in their organizations or companies. The purpose of this activity is to retain the talents of millennials. Meanwhile, only 46% of baby boomers aged 51-60 agree that these activities are needed to develop their talents.


From the results of the survey we can conclude that millennial generation can also unite and be eager to develop their talents. Therefore, however, we cannot look at millennials with one eye, because they are people who still have the motivation to move forward. It’s just that the method applied must be right.


According to the entrepreneur’s website, there are 5 ways that we can motivate millennials that are said to be difficult and easy to manage. Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Giving Freedom in Trust, Autonomy and Creative Freedom.

FREE, that is one word that is often sought by millennial generations. Millennials love a work environment where they can be trusted well, are given the freedom to work, think creatively and determine their own path to success. Never dictate how millennial must complete the work. It will only break their creativity, even the mood they have.


Millennial doesn’t like rigid things, this doesn’t mean they are “wild”! They are just more creative with what they do. Give them confidence, then they will create something very extraordinary. Also, do not use the “micro surveillance” method on them. Supervising them will only make millennial employees flee from the company. Who try to be stalked constantly?


Many myths say that “Millennials are not loyal, they like to change jobs from one company to another”. Yep! that is indeed true. But if we find out more, the reason they move from one company to the company is because the previous company was too rigid in the rules, so they feel they are not free and cannot channel their creative ideas. Give the millennial generation freedom, trust and encourage them to innovate.


2. Stay away from Bullshit or Bullshit.

Millennial generation consists of people who really like “authenticity” or “authenticity”. For them, “being yourself is a cool thing”. They do not hesitate to stay away from people who are fake or acting cool just to get their trust and interest.


Therefore, when baby boomers or other generations want to try to motivate millennials to be more active and active in the office, try to be yourself. Millennials will appreciate this more than they have to be deceived by someone who is trying to be someone else.


3. Build Strong Interpersonal Relationships.

The structure of the organization or company is important, but try to put it aside for a moment. This does not mean that the organizational structure is eliminated, but that it is informal when we want to build strong interpersonal relationships with millennials.


Millennials will find it easier to feel demotivated when they work in a work environment that is too rigid and has too many protocols. This does not mean they do not respect people who are older than they are. However, they much prefer flexible and not stressful relationships. So, they can freely build strong interpersonal relationships.


4. Convey Feedback as often as possible.

Even though millennials are people who like to be given responsibility and freedom, they also want to know how their performance results in the eyes of their leaders. That way they will be more excited to be able to develop themselves to be even better. This action will also increase the motivation of millennials! By providing feedback regularly, for example once a month. Millennial employees will feel loved and cared for by their superiors. They will understand that their superiors are very concerned with their personal development in the present and the future.


5. Create the Work Environment into a Fun Place.

“If you want to play around, don’t work in the office, just go somewhere else!” Oops, it seems the statement is no longer relevant to the work environment in the modern era as it is today. In previous generations this statement might still be valid, because the workplace is a place for very serious people.


Millennial wants something different from this. A professional, serious but also fun work environment is their dream workplace. For example, at recess, allow our employees to play PS (playstation) together. In this case, we can provide several facilities that make them happy and remain professional in the office


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