Career development is an effort that must be done so that career plans that have been made can produce optimal and satisfying results. Career development is also considered an employment activity that aims to help employees or staff in planning their future careers where they work. In addition, career development is also useful to help employees to develop themselves optimally .


It is common knowledge that career development is one of the things that are seen and considered by someone before they choose a place to work for a career. Consideration like this happens because every human being has a natural feeling to get happiness through the success obtained. To get this success, one must be able to develop the career he wants.


How to Achieve the Desired Career Development? 

The modern era as it is now has opened a broad competition path, so that competition between one employee and another employee will feel very fierce. This is a very natural thing to happen, even not only in Indonesia. Developed countries such as the United States and Britain also face intense job competition.


This condition makes many people wonder, “what can I do to get a good career development?” As we discussed at the beginning of this article, everyone PRETTY wants career development in their work lives.


To achieve this goal, we will discuss what can be applied by all Career Advice partners to achieve career development. According to glassdoor dot com, there are 5 things we can do in this regard. Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Continue to Improve Knowledge and Communication Skills

We have never found someone who is smart, smart and knowledgeable who feels loss in his career. In fact, it seems like there never was! It is impossible for knowledgeable people to suffer a loss in their careers. Why is that? Because people who have extensive information and knowledge can be placed in any field of work.


With extensive knowledge, they will also become capable people in communicating with many people. They know how to communicate with someone at the CEO level, how to interact with their colleagues in the office, and how to communicate with people outside their industry?


Their communication skills make it easier for them to get career development. Bosses or leaders will more often nominate people like this to get promoted. They know very well that employees who can communicate well are employees who have a mental leader. This is perfect for the employee’s future and the company’s bright future.


2. Build a Good Relationship between Colleagues and Company Leaders.

Who doesn’t like someone who is nice and nice to everyone in the office? Let alone colleagues, the bosses at work will also like employees like this. To achieve career development, we need to build good relationships with our colleagues and superiors at work. Whether it’s team leaders, managers, CEOs, directors, colleagues, janitors, security guards, even fried brothers in front of our office, we have to build and maintain good relationships with them. Regardless of skin color, status or any tribe. Believe me, good people like this will never feel distress in their lives. In fact, his career will skyrocket constantly.


Having a good relationship with colleagues and superiors will make it easier for us to achieve career development, because leaders know very well that people who are good, friendly and good at maintaining relationships with others are the right candidates to promote. The nature and good attitude like this will create a good image for the future of the company.


3. Participating in Conferences that are Relevant to Our Work Pieces or Work Position

There are many ways to make ourselves superior to other co-workers and suitable for career development opportunities. One of them is participating in conferences that are relevant to our industry or in accordance with our current work position.


Joining the conference is not just expanding our business connections. Going to conferences can also hone our communication skills, add experience, and add insight, so we can become an expert in the industry or our current work position. Not only that there are advantages, because we can include the name of the conference in the CV (curriculum vitae) there is our resume as added value.


4. Continuing Education to Get an Advanced Degree.

Have you applied the three methods above but haven’t gotten a career development? Maybe fellow readers need to continue their education to get an advanced degree. For example, continuing master education to get a master’s degree. Fellow readers can continue their master’s education by choosing the same majors as in the past S1 or majoring in a completely different subject from before. No problem, both have their advantages. If the course taken is the same as previous education, this will help fellow readers become more expert in the field. On the other hand, if the major taken is very different from the previous diploma, then this will give us an opportunity to expand knowledge and learn new things.


5. Add Our Professional Clothes Collection in the Wardrobe.

A person can be seen professionally from what he is wearing. Are the clothes they wear neat, fragrant (no smell) and look appropriate (good) and polite to other people’s eyes?


If we really want to achieve career development, then from now on we need to pay attention to our dress style . If we want to be a professional, then we have to dress like professionals too.


by Abdullah Sam
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