If only at that time I …” This is a phrase that has a very sad meaning and contains a regret. Regret usually happens in the future for what happened in the past . What is the future? The future is the time or period of life that we will have in the future.


The future is often associated with the desire and hope for someone to have a better life than the present or past. The word “future” is also often used as a focus or benchmark on an organization or company in designing common goals that they will achieve in the future.


The word “future” does not always mean hope, because it may be that we do not get what we want at that time. This word can mean the meaning of regret. Regret for things that we haven’t or haven’t had time to do in the past, or something that we’ve ignored in the past. Oops! Regret here can also be interpreted as something that we have done in the past, but it turns out these actions do not provide any benefit in the future.


10 Future Explanations

In this article, we will discuss 10 regrets in the future. According to Marc and Angel, we will feel these 10 regrets in the next 10 years. What do you think about this form of regret? Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Regret for being lazy and wishy-washy.

The first regret most often felt by many people in the next 10 years is to be a lazy and fickle. In the future, lazy people who do not have a firm stand will finally realize that the “feeling of laziness” that they followed in the past has plunged them into endless regret.


The world will continue to spin even though we are not moving or lazy to do anything. Therefore, we must not stand still and sit and contemplate fate without doing anything beneficial for future life . Stop lazing around and DO useful things from this point on. Be someone who is fully responsible for our own lives. Take control of our lives, not the world that controls us.


The fickle attitude will also make us regret it in the future. When we don’t do what we want to do or what we have to do, then 10 years from now we will regret and say to ourselves “if only then I did that … maybe I wouldn’t be like this now” or “if only at that time my decision was to choose … maybe I would not … “and so on.


2. Regret for Letting Others Create Dreams for Our Lives.

Having that dream is a very pleasant thing. We can wish for something, think about it and make it a living dream . However, we will be very sorry when we do not have dreams of life or allow others to tear apart our dreams and create their dreams to be ours.


Our life will be felt in vain when we struggle, work hard and make many sacrifices just to realize the dreams of others’ lives. Therefore, to avoid this form of regret in the next 10 years, let’s have strong life dreams from now on.


3. Regret for being a very selfish person.

In the future, we will feel so sorry for being so selfish . Our selfishness in the past has made many people lazy to interact with us. Worse yet, the people around us will try not to have any interaction with us. In the next 10 years, we will realize that no one loves or loves us, they all stay away from us because of the things we do ourselves. The selfishness we have had in the past has killed love and affection for others.


4. Regret for Avoiding Change and Growth.

People who like to avoid change, growth and development, in the future they will be very sorry and just realize that all of that will bring them into a better person.


In the future, maybe they will think like this, “if only at that time I would accept the job promotion given by the boss, maybe my career would be very bright now “. Avoiding change and growth is only done by losers who are afraid to change and are lazy to develop.


5. Regret for Always Delaying Work.

“I think I will do the work tomorrow,” and the delay will not only stop tomorrow, but we will continue to wait nonstop until tomorrow, next week, next month, maybe even next year. Like procrastinating work will form new bad habits that we will later have. Bad habits like this will never disappear, unless we want to change ourselves to immediately execute important things without delaying them again.


In the future, we will be very sorry because we like to postpone completing work immediately. The delay we do is like wasting valuable time.


6. Regret because it’s Easy to Feel Satisfied.

In life, there are some people who are easily satisfied with what they have now. They are quite humble themselves because they think what is achieved now is enough. “I think this is all good enough for me. After all, I don’t deserve anything more than this.


NO! False. Believe that everyone has unique and extraordinary advantages. If in fact we believe that we can give more effort to get better results, then don’t let ourselves easily feel satisfied and give a low effort.


7. Regret for thinking too little and trivial things.

When we are too busy thinking about trivial things that are actually very unimportant, we are actually wasting our precious time. Although there are many things that we have to think about in life, it does not mean we have to bother in thinking about everything. Especially thinking about things that we cannot control. To avoid this regret, we need to learn to let go of things that we don’t need to control and things that we don’t need to think about.


8. Regret for Giving Up When Things Become Difficult.

Life will not offer beautiful things to us all the time. There are times when things don’t go as we expect them to. However, that does not mean we have to be discouraged and just give up. The thing we need to do is get up, face and fight!


Regret in the future is often owned by those who easily give up on bad circumstances. When everything has passed, they will think that surviving and facing all the bad realities with persistence is the right solution.


9. Regrets for Being Someone Else to Impress Many People.

There are still many people who use masks to become someone else. This is done so that they can impress many people, so they have to pretend to be someone else to get that pleasure. Life without being yourself is very boring, even painful. Avoid regrets that will occur in the future by taking pride in being who you are.


10. Regret for Keeping a Bad Company.

This last regret is often felt by people who think that they can only be accepted by one company. The problem is, if this company offers a good work culture and leaders who are worthy of emulation, then surviving is the right choice. What if the company does not have these two characteristics? What can you be proud of, a company that has a bad work culture and a boss who isn’t worth emulating? Don’t regret in the future, because each of us has the right to get the best. Instead of working painfully, it’s better to get out and look for a company that is much better. Avoid regret like this by being wiser.


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