To find out the meaning of human personality, we must be able to understand the meaning of “personality” or behavior itself. Some experts have tried to define personality. According to John F. Cuber, personality is a whole trait that looks and can be seen by someone. For MAW Brower, personality is a form of social behavior consisting of impulses, desires, opinions and attitudes of a person.


Human personality is the nature, character and attitude contained in the individual. In addition, the human personality is divided into three parts, namely, introverted , extroverted and ambiverted. Introverts usually consist of people who like to be alone, thinkers, quiet, shy and quite difficult to get along. Extroverts are the opposite of introverts in which extroverts will be more active, open, sociable and very confident. While ambivert are people whose nature can change, depending on the situation or mood that is being felt.


Technology can hijack human personalities

No matter what type of personality we have, whether it is introverted, extroverted or ambiverted. Whether we realize it or not, technological developments in modern times have hijacked the human personality on this earth . Hmm, what do you mean by piracy? The virtual world created by technology has displayed many new features and product advertisements that often deceive us, so we have extraordinary confidence to buy these products.


The virtual world also makes us more comfortable to look at the screen of a cellphone or laptop for hours, rather than staring at the faces of loved ones in front of us. Technological developments also make us often negligent with work tasks in the office and have less time to rest. For example, fellow readers have never seen lovers who are dating and both of them staring at each other’s mobile screen? In fact, time together with a loved one is quality time to exchange stories. Based on this example we can clearly see that technology has hijacked the human personality. The human personality that used to like chatting with people around him, now turned to pay more attention to his cellphone.


According to the entrepreneur’s website, there are 10 ways how technology has hijacked the human personality in modern times. Come, we see the following explanation.


1. Technology Has Diverted Our Attention.

It’s hard to believe that things like cell phones have managed to distract us, even now. Every time our cellphone vibrates, sounds or flashes in an instant, we will immediately rush to check our cellphone to see what notifications are on the cellphone.


The funny thing is, even though our cellphones don’t give any signs that there are new messages or notifications, for example sound, vibrate or light up, we still like checking our cellphones. Suddenly we try to reach the cellphone and say to ourselves, “is there no WhatsApp?” or “what’s the latest info from my Instagram account?” and so forth.


When we don’t see or check a cell phone for quite some time, we feel like something is missing in our lives. In fact, if we don’t check the cellphone, our lives might be safe. Technology has diverted our attention from something that should not need attention to something that is very much overrated.


2. Technology Makes Us Need More Mental Space.

Some people outsmart ways to stay focused and not be fooled by cellphones by turning off notifications or changing the cellphone mode to silent. Oops! But, in fact, it’s not that easy. When we have realized to ignore the cellphone and turn off the notifications, we are still tempted to check the cellphone.


Yes, even though there may not be any phone or chat that goes into our cellular. But, still it feels like I want to always check my cellphone regularly.


Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin, University of California, San Diego and Disney Research recently conducted research and found that when someone’s cellphone was nearby, on a table or even placed in the same room, this condition would make someone’s performance decreases . Their cognitive will require a considerable amount of reasoning. As a result? We will be difficult to focus on doing office work.


When our focus decreases because it is too focused on the cellphone, this decrease in focus is the same as the effect of lack of sleep! So, these researchers suggest that we can focus more on work and not get tired quickly, the best solution is to distance ourselves from cellphones. Would it be better if we didn’t put it next to us, so that our focus would be maintained. Technology has made humans need more mental space in order to avoid cellphone interference and focus on work.


3. We are easily influenced by Artificial Intelligence.

Yep! whether we realize it or not, technology and artificial intelligence have tried to gather important information that we have. Later, all important information will affect our decision to shop or choose a product and service.


This method works when we are looking at items in one e-commerce site. We choose a product that is very cheap and attracts our attention, then we put it in a virtual shopping basket. However, we have not had time to “check out” or payment for these items. Some time in the future, when we try to enter into the same e-commerce, we will see advertisements related to the products we chose before. In short, we will continue to be “haunted” by these advertisements until finally we will buy the product in question.


From this example, we can clearly see that online sellers in e-commerce can influence our thoughts and decisions in choosing products. Technological intelligence has deeply influenced our decisions. The decisions we make are no longer determined by personality, but are determined by artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence).


4. Technology has Shortened Our Attention.

An author of the book entitled Irresistible: Rise of Addictive Technology, Adam Alter said that the research he found showed that the attention span that humans have is increasingly decreasing. Initially, the human attention span was 12 seconds and now the lowest attention span has decreased to 8 seconds, and the average attention span is 9 seconds.


5. Technology Makes It Difficult to Distinguish Types of Human Personalities.

On the other hand, technology will also make us “addicted”. In the past, our personality will determine what we like. For example, an introvert would prefer to read a book and an extrovert would prefer to chat with his friends. However, with the development of technology as it is today, all types of human personalities will feel addicted when they see photos of products on Instagram, read fiction or comics online, and so on. All these addictive things will make it difficult for us to distinguish between types of human personalities.


6. Technology Changes Human Perceptions of Choices.

Technological developments have offered many choices that we can decide on. In the past, our choices were limited by a few choices because we did not have broad access to see other choices outside our scope. When technology comes and develops, humans have many choices that they have never found before.


For example, I want to drink coffee in a unique and instagramable cafe. I just need to type the keywords “Funny cafes in Jakarta” on Google, then I will get many choices offered by Google regarding funny and famous cafes in Jakarta.


Of the many choices, I will provide a diverse perception of each choice. My shy and closed personality may turn out to be a very active and critical person when I evaluate options. Based on this example we can see that the many choices brought by technology have changed the perception of many people.


7. Technology can help strengthen our beliefs.

Let’s say we are someone who is very difficult to believe in something. The personality that we have is very hard indeed because it is difficult for others to convince ourselves. Well, technology can hijack our personalities! Maybe before we would not believe that Lombok is having beautiful beaches. However, when we search for “beautiful beaches in Lombok Indonesia”, we will be amazed and begin to believe that the beaches there are indeed beautiful. Technology will make us from not sure to be sure, from sure to not sure, or from not sure to become more uncertain and from sure to become more convinced.


8. Technology can Trick Us into Thinking Something.

Technological developments have also had a major impact on the film industry. Impossible things that might happen in human life have become a real thing and are believed by many people. In other words, technology can fool many people. For example, the film Spiderman. Young children might think Spiderman really exists and they might also think that being bitten by a spider will make us a Spiderman figure.


In fact, the deception brought by technology is not just from the film industry. Hoax news that is often spread among the public also makes many people think of impossible things that actually do not need to think (because it is only a hoax).


9. Technology Has Changed Everyday Life Into Games.

The game. Everyone must be very familiar with this word. How come? Starting from children to adults, games are games or applications that are loved by many people from various social circles. Technology has made everyday human life into a game or game. This gamification will make it easier for individuals to be more enthusiastic because they live life as if they were competing as in games.


For example, the online motorcycle taxi program requires drivers to collect points per day so that drivers can get bonuses or incentives from the online motorcycle taxi company. This system is made like a game where the more points we get in a game, the more results we will get.


10. Technology changes the way humans communicate.

Have you ever been acquainted with someone in cyberspace? When your fellow readers communicate with that person through chat and telephone, your new acquaintance is a very active and chatty person. However, when you decide to meet, the acquaintance of this fellow reader turns out to be a very passive person. Have your fellow readers been in this condition?


Such an example is the influence of technological developments that have hijacked the human personality. An introvert can become a very extrovert when communicating with others through technology, and vice versa. This makes us realize that technology cannot fully give us the right clue about one’s personality.


by Abdullah Sam
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