There are so many people who talk about career development. However, what is meant by actual career development? Career development is a process within an organization or company to assist its employees in achieving individual goals and company goals through proper career planning. One of the benefits of career development is to improve and guarantee welfare. Improving and guaranteeing welfare here means to show the welfare relationship of every company employee through proper career planning, so that employees will feel bound and have a higher level of loyalty towards the company.


Career development theories continue to be developed through career development papers so that the company can take the right steps in improving the performance of its employees. Not only that, the company must also be prepared to prepare all types of employee career development facilities . One example of career development is to provide training or special training for employees.


However, every individual also needs to have strong determination and strong career management. Career management can be interpreted as a strong willingness to get maximum success and happiness by investing money, time and energy to achieve the desired career achievement.


Logically, everyone would want to have a good career development from year to year. This happens because human nature is always feeling dissatisfied. In addition, human needs and needs also always increase from time to time. So to fulfill all of this, humans need to develop their careers better than before.


To be able to get an opportunity in career development, employees must have the courage to discuss and share career goals with their respective superiors. It is intended that their leaders know that their employees have strong career goals and perseverance in working to realize all of these goals. The role of the leader in this case is to support these goals and look for a “common thread” or relevance to the goals owned by their employees with the goals of the company.


The leader must know for certain, which goals of his employee are aligned with the company’s goals? That way, when employees try to achieve their goals, they are also indirectly pursuing company goals. Like the proverb that says, “One paddle, two, three islands passed”.


Every company can carry out modern career development and traditional career development. In essence, whatever the form and type of career development system, the success of career development also depends on the employees or the existing human resources. So, indirectly one of the factors that influence effective career development is employees within the company. The question is, what if employees are fully aware that career development is very important, but they do not know yet how they can improve their career development?


According to the website of the balance careers dot com, there are 5 great tips that we can apply to enhance career development. What do you think about that? Let us consider the following explanation.


5 Tips for Enhancing Career Development 

1. Set Career Goals & Design Plans to Achieve It.

When an employee is aware that career development is very important for himself and the future of the organization or company associated with him, then the individual needs to do this first tip. These first tips will open a wide avenue for these employees in developing their careers. First of all, they must be able to determine the right career goals and make sure that their career goals are truly an achievement they want in their careers. In addition, a career goal will only be a dream without action or action. Therefore, employees also need to make the right plan in order to achieve the career goals they expect.


2. Determine the Right Timeline.

A paper that contains goals and steps to achieve the desired career will also be in vain, if we do not determine the right timeline. In this case, we must be able to determine when step A has to be carried out and when it has to reach its peak of success.


For example like this:

– Career goals: Become a superior and great presenter.

– Steps (career plan): Take a public speaking course and practice in front of the mirror once a day.

– Timeline: I will take the public speaking course for 9 months and I have to be able to become an intern as a presenter within 3 months after my course is finished, and 2 years later I have to become a reliable presenter.


3. Utilizing Attractive Programs offered by the Company.

Maybe we already know that there are some companies that have formal programs to help their employees in developing careers. Even so, employees in several other companies must pursue their career development informally. Well, if your fellow readers work at companies that provide formal career development programs, we congratulate them!


This is a golden opportunity that your fellow readers can take advantage of to achieve extraordinary career development in pursuing your desired career goals. So, don’t waste any career development programs that your company offers.


4. Make Sure You Have the Right Career Path.

If your fellow readers have previously discussed your career goals with your manager or co-leader leader, then that’s good! At least, the peer reader knows that his employees have a strong will to develop their personal qualities , especially in their careers. In this fourth tip we encourage fellow readers to return to discussing the career path that fellow readers expect at least once a year to your boss. That way, fellow readers can judge whether the effort and hard work that fellow readers give to the company so far in accordance with the career path that fellow readers want or not.


5. Follow Up Our Career Development Business with a Small Report.

The fifth tip is we need to make a small report that contains the follow-up (follow-up) of various efforts that we give in career development. For example, to become a reliable presenter, “What is my ability now? What efforts have I put in? ” And so forth.


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