Reasons Why Every Individual’s Adaptability is Great for the Future of the Company

Brian McGowan states the main reason for why adaptability is so important for the company’s future?


According to McGowan, life in the future will have a very competitive work environment globally. However, companies are almost impossible to maintain competitive advantage through product or service innovation alone. Then, what is needed besides innovation?


Companies really need human resources that are easy to adapt to their work environment and dare to take risks in any business competition that exists.


In other words, in order for a company to win over its competitors, the company must invest in innovation and superior and competent human resources. Actually, without us knowing both of them have a very close connection.


Logically, an innovation will never be created if the company does not have human resources who want to interact with others, become fast thinkers, dare to take risks and dare to face all existing problems. Now we realize it or not, all of these characteristics enter into an “adaptability” attitude.


Let us describe more specifically, people who are easily adaptable would want to start themselves to interact with others, namely with new people they meet. They are also fast thinkers because they will try to learn the atmosphere of the new environment and they will rack their brains quickly to find ways to feel comfortable and safe when facing a change.


In addition, people who are easily adaptable are also individuals who are brave in taking risks. They will try everything to be able to adapt to all changes, even though great risks can come at any time. Yep! Of course they also dare to face all the problems, obstacles and obstacles that come into their lives.


How Can We Have an Adaptive Attitude?

In order to become adaptable individuals, we need to have agility in thinking and a strong willingness to learn, so we have a great curiosity. People who are not adaptable tend to reject any changes. They do not want to know any impact that brought on a change, because for them what has been and is being lived right now is the best.


In addition, critical thinking is also needed to form individuals who are easily adaptable. Those who think critically will always encourage their minds to be able to produce creative and innovative works.


All of these creative and innovative works will be chosen again, which is the best and most suitable for pairing with existing changes. In conclusion, the desire to continue to learn and think critically will shape us into adaptable individuals.


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