What is the Right Definition for Interpreting “Smart People”?

Smart people are individuals who understand well about all ways of thinking and actions that are good and right. An intelligent person is someone who is able to know the consequences of all the actions that he did. One of the characteristics of an intelligent person is to work smartly and be able to use reliable strategies from the results of his creative thinking.


In the world of business and work, smart people are people who can work quickly, efficiently and effectively. In addition, the most intelligent people are those who can use all available resources. This does not mean they have all the resources they want. However, they can maximize all available strength and resources very well and maximally.


Smart people are synonymous with success. Really like that? Hmm … if we examine deeper, the general impression that is spread in the workforce is that intelligent people will definitely be easier to get success in their careers. But apparently according to the occ partners dot com website, smart people don’t always have the advantages they can be proud of in the office. However, it turns out there are also tables of drawbacks obtained from intelligent people at work .


Come, Get To Know Smart People Deeper 

From one article that has been written on High IQ explains about the benefits of being a smart person. The article states that individuals who can be said to be ‘very smart’ are people who have an IQ of 140 and above. Wow, how tall is that ?!


Meanwhile, those who only have IQs around 130 and above can be categorized as intelligent people. After reading the results of this study, we hope your fellow readers don’t feel worried or dizzy to immediately check your IQ level, calm down, okay?


Some people believe that he is an intelligent person because he has succeeded in completing the level of higher education with an outstanding GPA. However, intelligence also cannot be measured by IQ alone. We can see the evidence around us. Just look at some successful people who did not complete their education but were able to become successful people in the world, one of which is Bill Gates.


Before understanding the advantages and disadvantages of being an intelligent person in the office, we need to get to know the main characteristics that are often inherent in intelligent people first. According to the Forbes article, science says there are five main characteristics possessed by intelligent people, namely:


1. Feeling anxious.

How do you mean? Anxious here means always thinking, is the action to be taken by him is the right behavior or not?


2. Writing with left hand (left-handed).

Yep! Science proves that people who write with their left hand have high intelligence, thus making them creative individuals.


3. Likes to read.

Reading is a habit that is often done by intelligent people. Not only that, they also easily digest the important points that exist in each reading they read.


4. Have a strong sense of humor.

In addition, intelligent people are also good at stringing words or thinking of jokes that are “appropriate” and worth telling to the public. So, if your fellow readers like to laugh with humor delivered by comedians, in fact they are smart people!


5. Good at playing music.

Science shows that intelligent people are those who are good at playing music. Why so? Because people who are good at playing music have right and left brains that work well.


Well, now we already know the main characteristics possessed by intelligent people. Now is the time to find out about the advantages and disadvantages of intelligent people in the office.


What are the Drawbacks of Being Smart at the Office? 

1. Answering Questions Too Fast.

The first drawback that intelligent people have is that they understand and believe that they are smart. So, when he is asked a question or hears a question, he will quickly answer the question quickly. The problem is, the answer given is not necessarily true, because he does not listen well and does not want to think carefully beforehand, even though they are intelligent people. Shortcomings of intelligent people like this are often considered like arrogant people to other colleagues.


In the world of work, this attitude will greatly interfere with the comfort of our other colleagues. It may be true that we are intelligent, but listening to the words, opinions, ideas or questions of others carefully is one of the skills we need to have in the office.


2. Likes to make decisions too fast.

Back again, because he felt he was an intelligent person, often individuals like this do not want to discuss important things with others. Thus, he often makes decisions quickly, even without the approval of other team members. Is this attitude OK to do in the office? Of course not, no matter how smart we are, making decisions together is something that every work team needs in any company.


3. Sometimes, Smart People Don’t Ask Questions at the Right Time.

Maybe because individuals like this feel that they already know what the answers to questions are asked, then they ask the same questions to others. Unfortunately, they often don’t ask questions at the right time. It is because of this that he often makes others feel inferior or inferior because they cannot answer their questions well. In the world of work, this attitude is not very good to apply because it will destroy the cohesiveness of the work team.


So, when we feel that we are smart, try to reflect again and realize that there are so many things that we still have to learn in life. OK, colleagues?


What are the Advantages of Being Smart at the Office? 

Now, it’s time for us to discuss about what are the advantages of intelligent people in the office.


1. “There Is No Rattan, The Root Becomes”

Do your fellow readers still remember the saying above? Yep! This is one of the advantages possessed by intelligent people in the office. They never bother to think about resources that are not in front of their eyes, but they will use all available resources to the maximum extent possible and produce extraordinary work. That is why intelligent people always encourage themselves to think creatively and innovatively.


2. Work Efficiently. 

They know how to be able to give more results but with not so much effort, so they can work efficiently. Many people say that intelligent people will usually work smart, not work hard. However, in fact intelligent people will work smart and hard. Without both, they cannot achieve success easily.


3. Future Leader Candidates. 

Smart people are arguably suitable to be leaders in the future. Hmm … why is that? This is because intelligent people are individuals who always think of all the consequences that will be present before they act. So, they will act wisely. Well, characters like this really need to be owned by future leaders.


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