5 lightning care in summer

In hot and summer times, storms end up being much more common than we would like. And with them, unforeseen circumstances caused by electrical discharges are also present. The risks range from damage to electronics and electrical discharges capable of injuring people and causing fires; therefore, the best way to get through this period of the year is to get information. So, in the midst of the storm, situations can be the least harmful possible. In addition, it is estimated that Brazil suffers from about 50 million rays each year, considering the location of the country, which is close to one of the tropics.


It is known that the most common care with lightning is not to stay in water and in open skies. Also, avoid trees and high places, such as mountains and peaks. But what about at home, how to proceed? Do you know what are the main precautions with lightning for residents and electronics? We have separated incredible tips for you to protect your home and your family!


Avoid the wires

Handling items connected via wire to the power grid is not recommended. This is because of the potential energy conduction that is established by the wires. Computers, blenders, mixers and hair dryers are examples of devices that look harmless but can cause accidents.


Avoid using phones

For the same reasons as the previous topic, the use of (corded) phones is not recommended. However, contrary to what is imagined, cell phones pose no risk as long as they are not plugged into the outlet. It is worth reinforcing, again, that the big problem is due to the wires, which have great power to conduct energy. It is for this same reason that the proximity of metal outlets and pipes in times of thunderstorm is also not recommended.


Keep away from outlets

Although the outlets are not connecting any type of wire, they deserve all the attention. This is because they continue to serve as energy conductors, but with the difference that there is no device receiving the energy load. For this reason, care is necessary since, in case of very high discharges, the sockets can end up being dangerous.


Stay away from metals

It is recommended that the distance from metal parts and structures be maintained. This is because this material also makes up the group of energy conductors. But, contrary to what many think, small objects such as forks, knives and spoons do not cause any problem. So, there is no need to boast about it.


Beware of shower

Bathing in stormy periods is not recommended. The water and the power cords involved in the showers are two great conductors of electricity. Thus, the idea of ​​bathing during the incidence of lightning is quite dangerous. So, avoid the shower while there is a storm.


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