Why is water quality so important?

Water is one of the most precious goods on our planet. Not by chance, without water there would be no life on Earth.

Water is an essential element to keep the body healthy and resistant to the most varied diseases. The proof of this is that nutritionists and other specialists always advise daily consumption to avoid disorders such as dehydration. In addition, drinking water should be a preserved habit not only on the hottest summer days, but also in the fall and winter.


Water consumption

According to studies, there is no consensus on the ideal amount of water consumed by one person per day. This is because the amount will depend on the temperature and the activity performed by the person. However, it is a fact that consumption must occur, thus preventing diseases and strengthening the proper functioning of the body.

In addition to daily intake, water is also important for hygiene. Both to keep the environment clean and to wash food. All those foods that are not properly sanitized can contain microorganisms that can cause a series of diseases. Therefore, unwashed fruits and vegetables may show traces of insects, as well as traces of pesticides used in crops.

For all this, it is of fundamental importance that the water is clean and free of impurities. 

With the certainty that a good part of the water that we find in nature is not potable and unsuitable for daily ingestion, it is necessary then that it undergoes strict cleaning and purification processes . The water we use for drinking must be clean and totally free of elements that pose risks to our health. The same goes for water that is intended for washing food.


The importance of water quality

Quality water is one that is suitable for consumption and can be drunk without the risk of transmitting diseases to people. If people consume water that contains harmful remnants, it is possible to contract disorders such as diarrhea, hepatitis, typhoid, among others. Therefore, it is pertinent to give due attention to some symptoms. Abdominal pain, lack of appetite, fever, tiredness and vomiting may have been caused by drinking water that is unfit for drinking. 

If the water must be healthy for drinking, it must also be healthy for washing food. Impure water, when in contact with food, can transmit microbes harmful to human health.


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