5 healthy habits to chase your dreams

Unfortunately, it often happens that once you make the determination to pursue your dream, the people around you, and on more occasions than those closest to us, give you some of the most horrible advice. They will not be sure of your step and will try by all means to get it out of your head. In many cases it is not a matter of seeing if they agree or not with your project, but rather that how they love you, they try to protect you from the bad that may happen to you. It is a habit of humans to always think of the worst before evaluating what we can achieve. Not that it’s one of these 5  healthy habits.  It is a habit of protection.

Your dream is yours. Listen to your surroundings but do not influence your desire. 5 healthy habits that will help you achieve what you want so much. Photo from Pixabay .

Surely for you, the risk is worth it. It is something that you are willing to try your best for. Listen to everything they tell you. Understand why they say it. And understand if those messages you need to take into consideration but above all go your way, do not let their thoughts be yours. It is your life, it is your dream and it is your responsibility. Do not hesitate:

For your dream, you will have to face the negativity of yours.

Here I list the 5 healthy habits to pursue your dreams. 

1.                A healthy habit about consistency in your life:
This is not the time.

It is probable. It may not be the best time to pursue your dream , but it is your dream. That is enough to give you the determination and perseverance to work for your project . Remember that it is your life and you choose your moment . Don’t quit your job. Is it easier to leave your dream?

2.                A healthy habit of perseverance towards your dream:
With the unemployment that we have!

If that’s what you want, drop it. A material good (let’s call it money through a salary) cannot prevail over a personal good such as your project. It is simply your life and you must be able to choose which path to take.

3.                Healthy habit about your decision.
It won’t work .

A new way of protection. Why don’t we all try to be more negative and continue to screw up our existence? If we stay along these lines, perhaps in a couple of years we will be the worst country in Europe. Keep thinking negative and your life will not bring you anything positive. At the same time, think positively and you will see how your dream will come true.

4.                Healthy habit about understanding time:
You have no resources / you will need help.

It is so. It is necessary to have the essential resources. How in any situation because if you go on an excursion to the mountain you will take supplies or material in case something goes wrong. You will need some resources but you set them and you must be aware of your limit but no one has the right to limit your resources. You have never asked yourself why resources are always material (money) and never temporary (time)? People understand that the habit of wasting time is healthier than losing money. It’s funny when money can be lost and recovered but time passes and it is not recovered.

5.                Healthy habit about yourself:
You don’t have the profile .

How? How are Amancio Ortega, Steve Jobbs or Richard Brandson alike? I am not here to get a job but to pursue my dream! Is there a profile of a successful entrepreneur ? If so, tell me but I think that the greats, among other things, are similar in that they pursued their dream, although they had to jump thousands of obstacles to reach it.

That if it is going to cost you a lot, that not everyone can be successful, that if it is very difficult … well, achieving success will not be a bed of roses and achieving what you dream of either, but it is your life.  Be responsible for ensuring that your healthy habits lead you to achieve what you want .

I started a company and lost more than € 30,000. Do I regret something? Of many things. To start with the 2 years in which I dedicated myself to it and also in not doing everything I wanted and deciding too much on the advice of others. Sometimes I think that I would not have failed if I had been 100% responsible for all actions, but after a few seconds, I remember with gratitude everything I have learned and I end up confirming that yes, I have lost money but I could never have paid everything I have. learned.


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