8 essential keys of optimistic people

You may think that someone who spends  27 years  of his life  locked up in a prison  and who after leaving it manages to unify a country to become its president, is someone special. It is normal that you think that the  will that Nelson Mandela had  to achieve it was something exceptional. It certainly was. But  Mandela’s most important message  was not found when he was released from  prison  but was in those 27 years that he was captive. From the life of Mandela I extract 8 essential keys of optimistic people.

The best secrets to enjoy Optimism according to Nelson Mandela

Mandela, understood that if he wanted to achieve equal rights of his own, he had no choice but to find a way to unite black and white. He did, and boy did he. That is the message that Mandela leaves us:

Get the best of yourself in your worst situations.

I am not going to use the word ” crisis ” in this article except this time . And you need to delete it from your dictionary to get ahead. You who are in front of the computer without being able to know what it is you are looking for in your life. You who only limit yourself to criticize any situation in your work. Don’t you know what will become of you tomorrow? There are extreme and very difficult situations to deal with but assuming them will make you stronger.  If you also become independent of them, you will be great.

It is not a novelty to remember that successful people are those who are most optimistic , not only because they are always willing to look ahead but because they go to their goal with great passion , determination and will .


 essential keys of optimistic people

1.         Believe.

Not only in yourself but in what you will achieve. That is the wonderful thing about life being able to know what you want your destiny to be and fight for it. Do not wait for time to bring you but because you will never reach your choice but the most you will achieve will be a state of acceptance before what you have before you without reaching your ideal goal, believe in yourself.

2.         Face reality .

As difficult as it may be. That’s what optimism is about, getting a positive point of view , not to make up for a loss but to be able to get up and keep walking. You decide if you stay seated on the sofa or build your path.

3.         Will .

There is a phrase that I love that is: in the world there are many poor people, the only thing they have is money . And it is that this cannot be our objective, material things come and go. Enjoy your optimism and you will get where you want. In the end everything comes.

4.         No complaints or destructive criticism .

Only if a complaint or criticism gives you value should you bet on it. But do not cloud your sight or your way, the destructive lament.

5.         Objective.

Every optimistic person has a goal in life , if they do not achieve it they are satisfied with what they have and value the efforts made. Bet on yourself and go for it.

6.         Discipline .

Nothing was ever free, but the efforts you make with a specific objective and a daily conscience have their result when you mark a way forward.

7.         Passion .

At the end of the day we are talking about your life. So everything that happens to you in it is your responsibility . Experience shows that when you seek your goal and do it with quality and optimism, everything comes. Enjoy your goal and you will enjoy your life.

8.         Smiles .

Choose to always smile as that activates your mind towards a pleasant situation. Your mind understands that you are transmitting a positive moment to it, so it will help you to continue with your goal.

Value what you have in front of you because would you take advantage of your 27 years in a prison like Mandela did ?

Nelson Mandela is a clear example of improvement and will . Idolized by the world, he also has his dark side, through those violent acts of which he is not proud, even though it is clear that he has paid for them. In any case, it is and always will be the ideal prototype of the will to achieve its objectives, something that without a doubt he could only achieve with that optimistic thought that allowed him to see what his way forward was.


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