Improve your self-esteem. 8 easy steps.

Self- esteem is a feeling related to the sensations that we notice and sometimes in the situations that we think or encounter. Today I share what for me are 8 simple steps to improve your self-esteem. Quick and easy thoughts to reverse your negativity.

Usually it depends on our state of mind, but on too many occasions that feeling beats our desire to raise our mood. Many people also relate self-esteem to the weakness of the mind to face different situations, but this effect on our energy is not related to self-esteem on many occasions but in the circumstances of the present moment .

A moment of low self-esteem can be transformed into an instant of incomparable energy and decision for two reasons: to achieve a positive self-esteem and above all for having succumbed to a moment of “weakness” to place ourselves in a privileged position.

Anyone can reverse their low self-esteem situation for this, these 8 simple thoughts will help you quickly and effectively improve  your self-esteem .

  1. Forget the past. Do not think about the mistakes made because that only leads you to see what did not work for you. Try to think about the situations you brought up, they will help you think positive . The mind will detect a favorable occasion in your life and will be more determined to change your present situation.
  2. Partner with positive people. People who trust others, who are optimistic and positive will help you directly or indirectly. Get together with negative people and you will not advance. It is your decision but I think that if you have stopped to read this article it will be to improve.
  3. Be honest. The sincerity is an essential value for humanity and for yourself. Time unmasks liars. Be aware of your actions and dare to tell the truth or say no when you must. You will see how people will thank you for doing it. Did you know that in business, Spaniards are known for not using a resounding NO? From what they say, we always go around the situation we are in and let time pass so that our interlocutor gets tired and does not insist. I confirm that I have learned to say no and be honest in any situation and people appreciate it.
  4. Don’t compare yourself to others. You are the one who has low self-esteem and the one who has to solve it but the comparisons are hateful . And not only that, they are negative for yourself. How can we define whether we do it right or wrong if we only think about what the other person does. Focus on yourself to raise your self-esteem and you will get a sense of special achievement.
  5. Do not judge or criticize. A few days ago I posted an article in which he talks about the 15 healthy habits to live better and one of them was to avoid criticism because in most cases it is destructive and deprives you of the opportunities we have to exalt our virtues . When we criticize we try to judge our actions by malice or negative feeling towards a person or situation without evaluating whether our action is or has been correct. We have enough to think that we are right and we do not think if we really have it and if it works for us.
  6. Share moreSharing is all beneficial . Our knowledge benefits from being able to inform others of what we consider important, of what helps us, as I am doing right now with this article. As Cicero said, one thing is to know and another to know how to teach. Knowledge is learned but knowing how to teach is shared and thereby improves. You will feel better sharing and that will raise your self-esteem.
  7. Be more grateful. Because to thank means to value what you receive, what they give you. It means valuing your passage through life, the time you walk. To thank is to give thanks for what helps you and especially for what helps you from the people who love you. It is always nice to receive thanks but when you give it, your mind understands that act as positive and indirectly raising your self-esteem. Be grateful for your life, your time, your family, your friends, be grateful for what you receive.
  8. Step by step. You should know that achieving a full life is not easy, it requires sacrifice but the benefits it brings you are many. Do not try to get everything at once, be humble in your steps. Remember that only he who is humble can be wise. No matter what you try, there will always be someone who will do it better but the essential thing is to know how to achieve those things that make you feel better and that you must do it step by step.

After reading the last step to raise your self-esteem, re-read number 6. Share more. If you think this article can help any of yours do it. I have loved being able to write this post and feel that it has helped you so do not hesitate to do the same with yours. You can forward the mail, share it on facebook, twitter … sharing helps you and above all it helps others.

Will you be able to remember these simple thoughts to improve yourself? This is where your decisions begin to improve your self-esteem when you realize that you must. In case you still need more, I am attaching the best book I can recommend, La Universidad del Éxito. A book with more than 800 pages of spectacular growth. In case you don’t want to buy it, get this super complete summary.


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