5 Benefits of Dates for Ramadan Fasting

It’s not complete without the dates of Ramadan. Almost all supermarkets sell dates in various types and large amounts.

Now before buying dates for dawn or breaking fast, let’s recognize what are the benefits of dates for Ramadan fasting.

Benefits of Dates for Fasting

There are enough medical studies that show the nutrients contained in Dates. Currently there is no research that can explain the differences between the types of dates but rather explain the nutrients that are generally owned by all types of dates.

1. Improve nerve health and performance

Dates can improve nerve health and performance, especially in the brain. Consumption of dates before fasting will help your brain work more optimally, especially when worship will be more focused. Dates also protect nerves from damage to toxins such as nicotine.

2. Maintaining stable blood sugar levels

Dates help keep blood sugar levels stable. After breaking the fast, dates will ensure sugar levels rise again but not sharp so it is safe and very beneficial for those affected by Diabetes.

3. Helps cleanse our liver of piles of toxins and fats

In addition to helping cleanse the liver from the accumulation of toxins and fats, dates also provide nutrients for liver cells to function more optimally than before.

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4. Antioxidants help inflammation in the body

The antioxidants will help you relieve all inflammatory reactions in the body. For those who have autoimmune, or often allergic it will be greatly helped by the consumption of dates before and after fasting.

5. Suppress tumor cell growth

Although the mechanism is not yet known. Consumption of dates when fasting will greatly help the body maintain healthy cells from maladptation to tumor cells due to daily exposure to toxins.

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Why Need to Detox While Ramadan Fasting?

In the Detox Ramadan package , there are dates that will be very useful for you during fasting in the month of Ramadan . You will consume dates at dawn and break the fast at Detox Ramadan.

Because Detox while Ramadan Fast is beneficial for:

  1. Reducing hunger and weakness because it is rich in fiber and carbohydrates
  2. Smooth digestion, enhance the immune system and the performance of all organs due to high antioxidants and mineral vitamins
  3. Prevents fatigue and lack of blood when fasting due to high beta-carotene and nitrate
  4. Balancing hormones and maintaining healthy digestive organs so they can control appetite. So it is not easy to be hungry and weak during fasting all day.
  5. Helps prevent and overcome Ulcer, Gerd, Anemia, and Low Blood
  6. Make the soul healthier and free of toxins so that it can be more solemn in worship in the blessing month of Ramadan.


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