Hello fellow readers, we know that success requires sacrifice. Success is not something that happens in seconds. Success is a long process that requires us to continuously improve our abilities and improve ourselves .


In addition to hard work, success is also influenced by the nature of one’s self. Approximately, do your fellow readers already have the qualities of self that can support success? The nature of the self that is intended is certainly positive qualities.


Well, this time we will discuss 10 personal traits that are the key to success . The more we train ourselves and develop these qualities, the closer we are to the dream of success.


So, if that quality is not within, we don’t need to be sad. We still have a chance to improve and have these qualities. Let’s look at 10 traits of self that are the key to success.


1. Ambitious.

The first characteristic of self is to have ambition. Successful people are people who have ambition. When you have ambition, you can see your future self. This ambition continues to motivate us to pursue our goals.


Nobody wants to have a bleak future. Now, when we have ambition, we will not only stay quiet and wait for luck to come, but we will push forward and try many things to achieve success. So, make sure that fellow readers have ambitions for your dreams in the future, yes. That way, let that ambition be an encouragement to continue moving forward towards the goal.


2. Competitive.

The second nature of self is competitive. Successful people are competitive people in good terms. To reach the peak of success, we have to go through a lot of competition, but sometimes many people fail to face this competition.


If we have a competitive nature, we will always be eager to face challenges, even the most difficult ones. Competitiveness also makes us not want to give up on circumstances. Let’s start to improve this competitive nature.


3. Easy to adapt.

The third characteristic of self is adaptability. Not many people are able to be open to change. Many people tend to reject and avoid these changes, but this is not a trait that is the key to success.


Successful people will always embrace change and adapt easily. If it is easy to adapt, we will be able to survive in any situation and usually also successful people not only embrace change, but they also create these changes.


Well, try to see each of us. Have we embraced change and adaptable to those changes?


4. Enthusiastic.

Personality which is the key to success is the next spirit. Excitement will emerge when we are able to love what is work and its responsibility. If you love your work and responsibilities, you will be happy to do it. Everything will feel easier and more enjoyable.


So, let’s learn to love work now. That way, we will have high spirits and have a more pleasant feeling in completing every job.


5. Love to study.

The next key to success is having the qualities you always want to learn. To achieve success, we must not stop learning. Successful people also always make this quality as part of life.


Even if we are in the highest position, we cannot possibly know everything. That is why we need to study, study and study. Learning can be done by doing new things, reading new books or even asking for advice from others. Never be bored to improve yourself, yes fellow readers.


6. Take responsibility.

To achieve success, we must be a responsible person. We must be able to take full responsibility for what is done, both bad things and good things. With responsibility, we will be able to embrace the failures faced.


Failure is not the end of everything, but an opportunity for us to improve ourselves and try better ways. Keep in mind that we must continue to fight and not just give up.


7. Have good intuition.

The seventh key to success is having good intuition. This is a trait that is difficult to have. Not everyone can know for sure when he has to walk and when he has to stop.


By having good intuition, we will always know the right time to find a new job or even start our own business. Intuition is a trait that guides us on the path to success. So, try to get used to listening to one’s own intuition, fellow reader.


8. Be persistent.

There is no successful person who has never experienced failure. Believe me, failure is a natural thing that happens in our career. It’s just that we have to make failure an opportunity to learn, improve ourselves and not make it a reason to give up. Get up and get out of your comfort zone. Take valuable lessons from these failures and keep moving forward to achieve your goals.


9. Diligent.

To achieve success, we must leave the comfort zone. Well, sometimes this is not easy. We are often tempted to back down and give up so we forget the big goals we have.


Therefore, we must have perseverance. Perseverance enables us to keep on going and keep going even if we are in an uncomfortable situation. Perseverance assures us that what is fought for will yield sweet results.


10. Cold-headed.

Well, the nature of self which is the key to the last success is level-headed. Staying calm even in a crisis is a must-have if we want to be successful.


By being calm, we will always have high self-awareness . We will never be manipulated by bad words that shake faith. Calmness also enables us to be able to think things through clearly, even in the face of a crisis, calmness will help us find the right way to get through it.



by Abdullah Sam
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