There is no success that can be achieved instantly. Likewise with a growing business. People who have entered the business world will surely know very well how difficult it is to develop their business. That’s why there is no success that can be achieved in just one night, everything needs sacrifice, effort, time, energy and sweat expended to develop the business according to our expectations .


In developing a business, we need a brilliant idea. The right marketing strategy, suitable target demographic, and so on. We must know what we want to sell to our target consumers. Are we going to sell a product, service or useful information?


After knowing what type of business you want to trade, we must design an appropriate and effective marketing strategy. What if we run a business without a marketing strategy? Wow this will be very difficult, because without the right marketing strategy, we will find it hard to grow a business and profit from the business we founded. Another worst possibility is that our business will not last long, aka bankrupt.


On the other hand, we also need to consider effective sales tools and how to optimize our sales . Because if not, the marketing strategy that we design will only waste time and money.


So that Career Advice colleagues are not wrong in designing the right marketing strategy to grow the business, then here we make a leak of 10 marketing strategies that are right for developing your business. Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Identify Market Demand.

The right marketing strategy always starts with products and services that match the market demands of our target consumers. When we think of establishing and developing a business that we have, don’t be selfish by only thinking about the benefits for ourselves. However, we also need to think “can the products and services I offer solve the problems my customers have?” So, don’t forget to consider market demand!


2. Developing a Business through Social Media.

Try asking the people on the left and right of your fellow readers now, do they have social media? We believe that almost everyone you ask has at least one social media account.


It is true that we cannot underestimate the role of social media that is so large in today’s digital era. It is in social media that all magic can occur. One information can be viral, a post about someone who needs help can immediately spread and get a lot of help, so that product sales can increase very sharply on social media.


If your fellow readers have sufficient funding, we encourage your fellow readers to recruit a social media specialist or hire the services of a marketing influencer who can help promote your products and services. However, if there really isn’t enough money to be ‘burned’, the peer reader can still be an authentic self. By posting photos, videos and spreading information that might be relevant to the target consumer, it will be very helpful.


3. Make a Tutorial Video.

The third marketing strategy to disseminate our products and services is to make video tutorials. Fellow readers and the sales team are trying to share information that is very useful for fellow readers on social media. For example, share tips like “5 Tips to Manage Finances “. Try to teach something useful, so that social media followers that your fellow readers have will feel very fortunate to follow your business social media posts.


The more people like our business account posts, the more business we have will be known among the public, especially followers of our business social media. Moreover, if they have tried to buy our products or services and consumers are very satisfied. Wow! Our business will grow faster.


4. Create a Blog to Promote Your Business.

Although blogs are not as popular as they were a few years ago. Because blogs have been famous in their day, but this method is still quite effective. There are still some people who like to read and write blogs. Now, we can incorporate that into our marketing strategy . Try Career Advice colleagues write blogs and promote products and services that fellow readers have through your blog account.


5. Using a Search Engine.

Before we create a content to market our products and services, there are the best ideas for creating content that can make our social media followers interested in every post given. How? Use a search engine that can help us see what themes and topics are hotly discussed by social media users. From the themes and topics that are ‘rising’, we can use our creativity in linking it to our products and services.


6. Finding a Suitable and Fitting Marketing Influencer.

Actually, without using marketing influencers, we can still develop our business through social media. However, the sales results that we get by using the services of marketing influencers have a very significant difference from marketing products without influencers. Remarkably, a marketing strategy that uses influencers can increase sales up to 11x more.


7. Advertise on Facebook.

Facebook is also a social media that is still in demand by its followers until now. That is why posting ads on Facebook is an effective way to grow our business. On Facebook, we can find many users who are our target consumers. That way, our marketing strategy can be applied easily.


8. Utilizing LinkedIn in the Right Way.

Do fellow readers have a LinkedIn account? If so, don’t waste your LinkedIn account. On LinkedIn, we can find many professional people. And, these young executives can also be our target consumers.


To use LinkedIn to grow our business, it’s good for us to make a video that talks about our profile and briefly introduce our business. Post the video in our profile description. Going forward, when one of our posts goes viral and our LinkedIn followers increase, indirectly we are passively promoting our business.


In addition, we can also talk about challenges and stories about our business trips to our followers on LinkedIn. The more effective the story we tell, the greater the potential for our LinkedIn account to become viral and more followers.


Logically, the more your LinkedIn account goes viral, the more people who see our business profile are posted in our LinkedIn profile description. Cool, right?


9. Looking for a Business Partner who is Violent!

Another marketing strategy is to find business partners who can help us develop our business. Indeed, finding the right and appropriate business partners is easy and difficult. However, we need to exert all our efforts in connecting in the business world, in order to get a smart and right business partner!


If you already get it, discuss some things that can produce benefits for both parties, and certainly policies that can help develop our business.


10. Doing Marketing via Email.

Even though e-mail is very senior compared to other digital applications, but in reality this digital application is still very powerful for use in communication. Yep! especially in the professional field. Another effective marketing strategy can be to promote our products and services that are sent to the email addresses of our customers and target consumers.


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