Hang out in a cafe, open a video on YouTube. On the train, watch videos on IGTV. During a break at the office, open tips videos on LinkedIn. Yep! it’s all about videos, videos and videos. Social media offers a variety of videos that we can access to get important information, add insight through online courses , important tips through video tips or video tutorials, even funny short videos that entertain the audience.


Amazingly, many people have turned into billionaires and successful people because they have succeeded in making video content that really attracts the attention of their followers on social media . Wow, why is that? According to the data we have, almost all of the population in the world, at least watch one video every day.


This indicates that in the digital era like today, we prefer to watch videos in an effort to obtain news, insight, and even entertainment information. Initially, video content on social media was well known from the YouTube channel only. Until finally, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media also create features that make video content more comfortable for users to watch.


Video content makes the speaker and audience seem to be communicating directly and real. Although the video is still included in the category of one-way communication, but the video has a place that is very ‘special’ and interesting for the audience.


Previously, video making was known as an expensive form of media in its making. It takes a good camera, tripod, microphone, good lighting, and other devices at a price that is quite expensive. However, it seems all that is no longer valid.


In fact, many cool videos are of high quality and are only produced from smart phones, without the help of other expensive supporting devices.


In this article, we will not discuss about video advertisements, video films or other types of videos. But we will talk about social videos, which are made specifically for uploading on social media. Usually, social videos also have different sizes from other videos. Why? Because we need to make social videos short, to the point, and interesting to watch.


To attract the attention of many audiences from our social videos, a good understanding is needed in creating video content that will be uploaded on social media. How to? Here are 3 steps in creating compelling video content on social media.


1. Understand the Desire of the Audience Very Well. 

In life, we can never be happy and satisfy everyone. That is why in business, we need to have specific targets. Likewise when we want to create video content on social media. Long before we create video content, we need to target the audience we want to become viewers of our videos later.


Is our target audience young mothers? Teenagers? Or, young executives? When we have targeted the audience with certainty, then we can move on to other thoughts. We need to ensure that the video content that we make is really visible, interesting and certainly not confusing.


By doing this, when we want to include information in our videos, we will include it according to the interests our target audience has. For example, young mothers love video content consisting of delicious and simple recipes.


Now, would it be very strange if the food recipe content was included in our video that targets young children as the target audience. If your target audience is a child, then video game tips will be more suitable for that category of audience.


So, it’s clear why we need to understand what the audience wants when creating video content on social media.


2. Understand the Means of Social Media Used. 

Every social media certainly has its own popularity, so we can identify every audience that uses social media. For example, most people who choose Pinterest are social media users who are looking for ideas for something. Or, those who prefer LinkedIn are mostly young executives who like information about business and everything that is full of professionalism.


In other words, everyone uses different social media for different reasons too. This indicates that the same video that we upload to various social media will get different responses. For example, I really like creating video content about ‘how to cook traditional dishes’.


Now when we upload this video into Facebook and LinkedIn, most likely the video will get a different response from each other, even though the video uploaded is the same video.


Not all of our followers on LinkedIn like videos about ‘how to cook traditional dishes’, so there are very few likes and comments.


On the other hand, maybe our followers on Facebook really like video content related to food recipes. So, likes, comments very much. In fact, not a few of our followers share the video with other friends.


In essence, in order to be able to make interesting and cool video content on social media, we need to understand that every means of social media has an audience with their respective interests.


3. Understand How to Bind Audience Engagement. 

After understanding our audience’s desires and understanding every existing social media, we also need to understand how to bind our audience’s involvement to the videos that we upload on social media.


This third point is very important because without the involvement of the audience, all the videos that we post on social media will be useless just like that. The audience (audience) is the people who are very important for us to maintain interest. Without them, our creativity will be hampered in making video content, because there is no reaction from the audience to our videos.


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