The 4 reasons why even the most passionate man think he doesn’t love her

Every relationship is built on four pillars: Respect, trust, loyalty and companionship. These are the foundations that sustain love. Without them, there is no structure that remains safe. It is impossible for a relationship to work, even if people are very much in love, when there are no strong pillars like the ones mentioned above, without them, everything, however beautiful it may be, will fall apart.

When a relationship feeds on strife, intolerance and violence, it tends to cause ruptures, they are the ones that create a series of possibilities to destroy a partner emotionally, because abusive relationships cause sadness and the inability to believe in happiness next to the loved one. These are largely responsible for the worst feeling that can be developed in a relationship, fear, it is the greatest of all evils and has all the power to kill love.

Note the 4 reasons why even the most passionate man thinks he doesn’t love:

  1. Lies

Generally, the lie starts small and when least expected or noticed, it becomes a “snowball”. The worst is that it grows very fast, making it impossible to be controlled. Anyone who has told it loses total control over the situation.

The truth will always be the best way, it is the best choice, no matter how hard it is, it is essential to build a healthy and lasting relationship.

  1. Secrets

Every person who begins a relationship with secrets will carry a heavy and lonely burden during the relationship.

Omit intimate details of old relationships, because it is a form of respect for yourself and your ex-partner. Sharing these details is not good for you or for him, however, keeping in touch with your ex in secret is a way of disrespecting your partner.

Nor should the past be allowed to steal the happiness of the present. However, one should not pretend who you never were to try to win over your partner, if he chooses to love you, it will be for who you are.

Life is “today” with the loved one and not with someone who is already part of the past, if it were good I wouldn’t have left.

Choose who chose you “today” and not the one who left you long ago. Past is past, leave it where it is.

  1. Intrigues

A relationship that lives through constant fights ends up dissolving, no matter how much your partner loves you and even if you have a beautiful love story, all of that will still not be enough, because strife dissolves all the solidity of love.

Mutual love, this is built through family ties, it needs family unity. So, remember that you will need to strive to respect, be kind and loving not only to your partner, but also to his entire family.

  1. Jealousy

One of the few things that can be assumed in the destruction of a relationship is jealousy, because it suffocates, destroys, hurts and contaminates. If you are not able to control jealousy, seek expert professional help before your loved one leaves you because you cannot bear to be suffocated.

Jealousy stifles the purest love, for whoever is jealous is absent from trust. No one can be happy when they are being watched all the time. No one can be happy when he realizes that all his efforts to be loyal are useless in front of his loved one.

Jealousy is a poison that kills love in a slow and painful way, to the point of leaving no place for pain and despair. A relationship fueled by jealousy will never have peace and happiness.


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