Why doesn’t my boyfriend ejaculate when we make love?

Why doesn’t a man ejaculate when he makes love? Sometimes, despite receiving adequate sexual stimulation, the man does not ejaculate during intercourse and if this becomes a recurring situation, it is normal for the couple to wonder why this is happening.

In addition to negatively affecting your sex life, this can lead to real conflict in your partner if you don’t act and try to solve the problem.

Therefore, to begin with, as sexologists say, the causes of this lack of ejaculation must be identified, since they can be diverse and range from problems in the relationship or lack of excitement to psychological disorders or physical diseases.

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  2. Psychological causes of delayed ejaculation
  3. Physical causes of delayed ejaculation
  4. What to do if my boyfriend doesn’t ejaculate when we have sex
  5. What if a man has not ejaculated for a long time?

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Or male ejaculation is the culmination of sexual arousal and satisfaction and refers to the release of sperm from the penis, which is usually accompanied by orgasm.

Although the duration of sexual intercourse between each couple can be highly variable, it has been estimated that a man under normal circumstances usually lasts between 5 and 15 minutes with an erection before ejaculating. However, on some occasions the situation may arise in which the aforementioned ejaculation does not occur (anejaculation or no ejaculation) or takes a long time to appear (delayed ejaculation).

Or anejaculation or delayed ejaculation It can be defined as the absence of ejaculation or a significant delay in ejaculation, which can occur after great effort and several minutes of intercourse. The causes for not ejaculating can be diverse and, mainly, we can divide them into psychological causes and physical causes.

Psychological causes of delayed ejaculation

In general, delayed ejaculation is usually the result of psychological problems or factors such as those listed below:

  • Lack of enthusiasm: Ejaculation occurs when a certain point of excitement is reached and sometimes it does not occur precisely because of the absence or lack of said excitement. The preliminaries are also important to increase male sexual desire, as well as to innovate in sexual relations, practice different positions and discover new forms of pleasure with your partner.
  • Little attraction for the partner or relationship problems: Problems or conflicts in the couple directly affect the sexual life that both share, and the emotional distance they cause causes sexual desire to decrease. In addition, these problems can create stress and worry that prevent you from staying focused during sex.
  • Excessive masturbation habit: Male ejaculation during intercourse can also be conditioned if the man constantly masturbates and then finds it difficult to ejaculate otherwise. This can also be aggravated if, due to his habitual consumption of pornography, he tends to idealize intimate relationships, since it is likely that he will later discover that his sexual encounters do not live up to his expectations and are not satisfactory for him.
  • Stress and / or anxiety: Personal problems, whether family, professional or not, can cause stress, anxiety, nervousness, tension, etc., and monopolize all your attention, making it practically impossible to disconnect and concentrate on sex and fun.
  • I experienced a traumatic event of a sexual nature in the past that currently prevents you from enjoying intimate relationships: having been a victim of sexual abuse, an infidelity that has marked you a lot, etc.
  • Very demanding of himself: Sometimes self-demand can block a man during sex and cause a delay in ejaculation. You can forget about having fun and letting yourself go just by being aware that you are satisfying your partner and bringing her to climax.
  • Religious beliefs that make a man see or perceive sex as something negative and, therefore, do not allow him to have pleasant intimate relationships.

Physical causes of delayed ejaculation

In addition to the above, when asked why my boyfriend does not ejaculate when we make love, it is also important to note that delayed ejaculation may be related to some kind of disease or physical condition that prevents a man from ejaculating during intercourse. Let’s see what they are below:

  • Obstruction of the tubes through which sperm pass. This cause can be excluded in the case of nocturnal contamination.
  • Consumption of some medications that cause a decrease in sexual desire as a side effect and, consequently, delay in ejaculation. An example of this is psychiatric drugs.
  • Excessive use of alcohol or drugs.
  • Testosterone deficiency.
  • Nervous system conditions, such as stroke or nerve damage in the spinal cord or back.
  • Damage to nerves in the area caused during pelvic surgery.
  • Mellitus diabetes.

What to do if my boyfriend doesn’t ejaculate when we have sex

Ejaculating not bad? Delayed ejaculation can seriously affect a couple’s sex life, so it is important that we deal with the situation together, identify the cause, and initiate appropriate treatment, if necessary. Here are some tips that can help you resolve the situation if your boyfriend does not ejaculate when you have sex:

  • If delayed ejaculation is something that occurs frequently in your intimate relationships, it is important that you talk to your partner about the problem and identify what is causing it. In no case should you get angry or make fun of this condition, as this could further aggravate the problem. Be understanding and understanding with your partner.
  • If it is certain that anejaculation is not related to psychological causes, it is essential that the man go to the urologist to find out if it is a disease or physical disorder that requires specific treatment.
  • In case the delay in ejaculation is a consequence of any of the psychological causes mentioned, going to a psychologist and starting therapy, individually or as a couple, can be a very good solution. Psychologists specializing in sexology are professionals who deal with sexual dysfunctions and problems of the couple.
  • It is also important that, when having sexual intercourse, you do not focus only on the sexual act, but that you dedicate yourself to the previous stimulation and satisfaction of the other. Try new things that avoid sexual monotony and unleash passion.

If your case is the opposite, that is, you want to know what it means when a man ejaculates quickly, you can read the following article: Why does my partner ejaculate too quickly?

What if a man has not ejaculated for a long time?

It is considered normal that sometimes a late ejaculation occurs, although it is advisable to consult a specialist if it is prolonged or negatively influences the sexuality of the couple. On the other hand, before anejaculation or non-ejaculation, it is advisable to go to a specialist to determine the cause and prevent possible complications.

What can happen if a man does not ejaculate for a long time? According to some studies, a low ejaculation frequency increases the chances of different problems What:

  • Low sexual desire: Do not ejaculate for a long time, as the low frequency of sexual intercourse causes the sexual desire to decrease.
  • Erectile dysfunction: Not ejaculating or not having sex for a long period of time can also influence the onset of erectile dysfunction.
  • Less prevention: According to scientists, ejaculation can prevent the accumulation of carcinogens in the prostate. So it seems that having sex and ejaculating helps prevent prostate cancer. In addition, sexual activity is a protective factor for the general state of health of people, therefore, the less sexual intercourse, the less the prevention of health problems in general.

This article is for information only, at Psychology-Online we are not competent to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to see a psychologist to take care of your particular case.

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