6 biggest mistakes men make in relationships

Each person has their own challenges related to the way they face and interact with the world around them. Although in a singular way, the fact is that many conflicts could be avoided if more people became aware of the huge differences with which men and women act and position themselves in romantic relationships.

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In this sense, I tried to list some of the biggest complaints I hear from women in relation to their peers:

  1. “He is not present”

Nobody likes sticky people who keep calling or texting all the time. But, lack of attention is also a serious problem. It is necessary to find a balance and dedicate yourself to those you love. Feeling supportive in the life of someone you love is a cause of great suffering and, in many cases, causes a lack of attraction and even repulsion.

  1. “He doesn’t understand me”

Women tend to amplify feelings, are usually more emotional and feel everything with greater intensity. It is true that, at times, they lose control, but, almost always, they immediately return to lucidity. Accepting these “ups and downs” as natural will make her feel understood and the result will certainly be worth it.

  1. “He’s insensitive”

The man’s mind is also a mystery to the woman. Often what she calls “insensitivity” is actually a less intense way of giving affection and attention. Being sensitive to the needs of the loved one is a learning process that requires a lot of dedication from both parties. It is essential to clarify what is sought in a way that the other understands.

  1. “I don’t trust him”

Men are usually less committed, especially at the beginning of the relationship. They take longer to process how much they are involved and give rise to suspicion that is always very harmful. Safety is an essential requirement for women. When a man does not build trust or break at any time, it affects the relationship in a harmful and even fatal way.

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  1. “He doesn’t value me”

Usually, when someone is much more interested in work or play, they simply live outside their deepest values. Of course, these activities are important, but as a complement to healthy living. Valuing things and people properly avoids much pain and regret.

  1. “He controls me all the time”

The psychologist and psychotherapist Renata Soifer Kraiser on the website states that: “The attitude of controlling the other can appear made up by a genuine and sincere interest in generating well-being, evolution, or what the controller sees as the best path to be followed by person to be controlled ”. Women like to feel loved, not controlled.

The beauty of love relationships is in the partnership, that is, in the way in which the couple begins to multiply the joy in life and share the pain. Just as women tend to be more emotional, men tend to be more rational, so understanding how one and the other tends to act facilitates and broadens the connection between them. Understanding these differences is a wise move!


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