4 Best Course Books For Teaching English.

The following categories of course books are usually introduced to teach English efficiently.

Textbooks for the Students

With a view to providing required linguistic materials, some books are prescribed for the students as textbooks. These prescribed books contain the course contents.The result is that they spend too much time on the content of the lessons and not enough time on the language in which that content has been prepared.Student’s textbooks are very helpful and easy way to the teach English efficiently.

Teacher’s Hand-Books

Besides the student’s text-book, there an some books which one meant for the teachers. These books are called teacher’s hand-books. In this hand-book, detailed procedure for teaching different language items contained in different lessons is given. With the help of handbook, the teacher can teach better without facing any problem.


Work-books refer to practice books. These books help the students to learn English through practice in several language items. In a workbook we find writing exercises to help the learners to have practice of concerned language items. The textbook writers are now advised to prepare work-books to save the deteriorating condition of foreign language learning in this country.

Supplementary Readers

Supplementary readers supplement the materials contained textbook. They enable the pupils to revise the vocabulary already learnt. It is advised by the experts that the writers of supplementary readers should be free to use words of their own choice. The supplementary readers contains topic abridged form of novel or play, short biography, one act  play, essays, short stories and travel accounts

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