The 3R rule: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

The 3R rule: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

This strategy arises as an initiative by the GreenPeace organization , with the objective of promoting and promoting the integral management of solid waste , reducing the generation of garbage, responsible consumption habits and contributing to the conservation of the environment.

The 3R rule of ecology, are responsible consumption habits and strategies for the treatment, management or integral management of solid waste, minimizing their generation and building sustainable development towards a society that encourages recycling and care. enviroment.

Main objectives of the 3R Rule:

Raise awareness about not littering, reduce the volume generated, develop responsible consumption habits, save money, reduce the carbon footprint, conservation of natural resources and care of the surrounding environment.

Therefore , the rules of the three errs are mainly:


Minimize and reduce the problem or impact of garbage on the environment. reduce the consumption of goods or eliminate the amount of materials for a single use such as packaging, buy less to reduce environmental pollution, reduce energy by disconnecting electrical appliances, adjust them according to needs, disconnect transformers, reduce use Plastic, efficient driving and other water reduction measures.


The impact on the environment is also reduced, extending the life of each product since it is acquired and rejected; repairing the same or for a different use and buying second-hand products.

For example: make various crafts with recycled materials, ideas with bottle caps or fill them. Likewise the other side of the printed sheets, the paper used in pulp or other writing sheets, reusing water to water the plants and for cleaning the exteriors.

Recycle :

Separate, classify and treat the amount of solid waste that is discarded for the manufacture of new products. Recycled paper, cardboard, metals, glass, plastic, aluminum, organic waste and hazardous materials

MPORTANCE rule of the 3Rs of ecology:

Its importance starts as an alternative to the amount of tons of garbage that is generated on the planet; environmental pollution; unsustainable use of natural resources and the lack of recycling for environmental care.

In summary , the 3R rule of ecology, are three actions to reduce the amount of waste generated and achieve responsible or sustainable consumers with all natural resources.

  • Reduce the consumption of materials and energy.
  • Reuse the products, to extend their useful life with crafts or DIY.
  • Recycle garbage through a production process with the raw material, and obtain new products.

The rule of the three 3R Ecological (Reduce, Recycle and Reuse): actions or practices to reduce waste and achieve responsible consumption with the environment.

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