Importance of Caring for the Environment

Why is it important to take care of the environment?

Without a doubt, there are many reasons why humanity must conserve, protect and maintain the surrounding environment. In this sense, we will explain the importance of caring for the environment for future generations.

Environment is understood as that system formed by natural, social, political, physical, chemical, biological and cultural elements; interacting and interacting with each other in a certain place.

At the same time, that the conservation of the environment refers to the set of measures, alternatives, practices, habits and responsible actions with all the elements that make life in it .

Thus, the human being has been transforming this environment that surrounds and exploiting natural resources at a very alarming rate, to the point that environmental problems are weakening the quality of life and generating an ecological imbalance throughout the planet.

Therefore, the care of the environment is justified in that it provides the main goods and services for the continuity of life on earth.

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Main reasons to take care of the environment:

  • The divine creation of Almighty God
  • The only home where there is life
  • It is a loan from our children and they deserve to live in a healthy environment
  • Guarantee and ensure the survival of the species that inhabit it
  • Encourage and guarantee survival, as well as the evolution of living beings or the biodiversity of species.
  • Human health depends on the conservation of the environment
  • Reverse or stop environmental problems
  • Achieve an ecological balance and sustainable development
  • Well-being and quality of life of future generations

Definitely, that the importance of caring for the environment is summarized ; in a set of reasons and reasons that are justified mainly by the environmental or ecosystem support, provision, regulation and cultural services .

These environmental services are the benefits that humanity obtains for its development, well-being and quality of life.

  • Support services (soil conservation, biogeochemical cycles, water cycle, photosynthesis, others.)
  • Regulatory (climate, water, erosion, pollination, natural hazards, diseases, air and water quality.)
  • Provision services (food, fuels, fiber-skins, medicinal plants, construction materials, ornamental resources, others.)
  • Cultural (cultural, religious, aesthetic, educational or scientific and recreational value.)

In conclusion, caring for the environment is the responsibility of all citizens of the world and not doing so ; there would be great changes in the general planet, changes in the climate, global warming, sea level rise, ecological disasters, natural phenomena, destruction of the quality of life and among many other effects.

Caring for the environment: it is very important to guarantee the continuity of your services or natural, support, provision, regulation and cultural goods

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