Hello, Career Advice colleague, what do your fellow readers usually do when you have endless burdens and busy thoughts? Of course there must be things done. If not, we will experience stress. We know that stress has a negative impact on physical health, psychological and not emotional. When the brain has too much weight, we can never focus. This makes us slow to work even difficult to make decisions. We feel tired and cannot maximize productivity. As a result? We will produce poor performance .


Certainly none of us would want to experience this. Our mind is the body’s control center. We will never be able to do things to the maximum if the mind is in an unhealthy state. Therefore, it is very important to find ways that can make our minds refreshed.


According to science, the circumstances around us are factors that make the mind go crazy. This makes us postpone, feel unsatisfied, anxious and even stressed. Therefore, it would not hurt if we began to pay attention and reorganize the surrounding environment. There are 3 things we can do in reorganizing the surrounding environment. If we do these 3 things, we will have a new outlook that can refresh the mind so that it can refocus on completing tasks and responsibilities. We will also be able to achieve maximum and satisfying results.


1. Tidy up the environment.

One way to refresh the mind is to tidy up the environment. Try to pay attention to the work desk and the environment around the workplace. Are there things that need to be cleaned or thrown away? According to a study at a well-known university, cleaning up the area that is reachable by sight can improve brainpower. In addition, cleaning the environment can also increase mental strength.


Well, if you have a pile of paper on your desk and its surroundings, it’s good to sort and discard documents that are not used anymore. We may feel lazy to tidy up and sort it out, but this is the right way to refresh the mind and increase focus. If it is too difficult to tidy up an office, start by tidying up your own desk. Each time completing a task, it never hurts to take the time to rest by tidying up around us. At least, if we have tidied the table and room for 3 minutes in frequent frequency, without feeling the room and work table will look more presentable. Many studies say that big things broken down into smaller things will be easier to process. Let’s start doing it.


2. Take a break from routine.

One of the things that can make our minds get tired is to do the same thing over and over again. So, try to rest from a boring routine. Do we always use the same method when going to the office? Do we always go to the same coffee shop? They are all forms of boredom that we feel. Well, it helps us change boring habits, for example if we always drive a private vehicle to go to the office, try to use public transportation. Try to rearrange the position of paintings or other ornaments in the workspace. We can also change the position of chairs and work tables or try to work in an open public room, such as a meeting room.


This small and simple change can change our outlook. That way, we will have a new outlook that can refresh the mind in order to increase focus. When focused, we will be able to do great things.


3. Add color and light.

Color can also have an effect on refreshing the mind. According to experts, color can give positive feelings, make us more energetic and even more calm and peaceful, as red is believed to increase morale and blue can make us calmer.


Another thing that should not be ignored is lighting. If working in a dim place, of course it will make our moods become bad and break the focus. We will not feel excited and excited in completing work and in low light can also damage eye health. For this reason, it is necessary to ensure that we must have a work space with good lighting. We can add lights or look for another brighter room.


by Abdullah Sam
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