3 Unfinished Practices and Explanations (Complete)

Absolute Practices and Their Explanations (Complete)  – In Islam, a living person seeks only the reward of his worship and the devotion of Allah Almighty. Not for others, so believers will continue to compete for good in the future.

Each worship must have its own reward and none other than a reward. When man has found his death, then all his deeds of worship are cut off. No longer can compulsory prayer, sunnah prayer, fasting, meditation and other worship.

That is, while still alive, they can still collect acts of worship through prayer, fasting, almsgiving, doing good to people, and so forth. However, if death has come to pick up, then there is no more opportunity to add to the merits, he will not get the reward of prayer, because he is no longer praying and so are the others.

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  • 13 Unfinished Practices and Explanations (Complete)
    • 13 Practices That Never Break
      • 1.11. Shodaqoh or charity of the finger
      • 1.22. Useful knowledge
      • 1.33. The pious child prays for it.
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3 Practices That Never Break Up and its Explanation (Complete)

After we die and all our practices are interrupted, then we can no longer get additional rewards, except 3 cases. The following is the full explanation.

3 Practices That Never Break

From Abu Hurairah, the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said:

Meaning: ” When a person dies, his or her actions are discontinued except for three things (ie): shodaqoh jariyah, the knowledge used, and the pious child who prays for it “. (HR. Muslim)

3 practices that will never break until we die based on the above hadith, namely:


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1. Shodaqoh or finger charity

Fingerprints performed while living in the world will continue to flow and increase the reward of the practiced. Examples of jariyah charities include, building a madrasah or school, donating land for the benefit of the people, building mosques or other public facilities, providing useful books for people and others.

As long as all that is given continues to be beneficial and beneficial to the people, such as the building of the Mosque which is still used for worship, as long as the book is still used and useful, in whatever form it is and continues to be used for the benefit of the people then its benefits will continue to flow. even to those who practice even when they are dead.

2. Useful knowledge

The science of religion that we teach to others, both verbally or in written form (books), as long as it is still useful and continues to be utilized by the people we teach, the reward will continue to flow to us.

3. The pious child prays for it.

This is why it is important to educate children in the beginning, to instill in them the beliefs of the early days, and to guide the children into the Qur’anic generation. Because of their own pride in having obedient, obedient and blessed children, it turns out that all the acts of worship and kindness done by the blessed children will continue to flow to both parents.

Prayers of pious children who are sincere, sincere and always offered to both parents is an extraordinary pride for parents.

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Well, here is a  brief discussion of  3 Absolute Practices and their Explanation (Complete) , hopefully to benefit and motivate Muslim friends to always love the practice of jariyah, utilize knowledge by teaching it and rewarding the blessed children so that we will continue to gain reward even when we are gone. Aamiin


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