Get To Know the Three Angels Rarely Known (Complete Discussion)

Knowing the Three Angels Rarely Known (Complete Discussion)  – Other creatures created by God besides humans are angels. Angels are creatures who obey Allah created from Nur or light. The number of angels is very much, even predicted to exceed the number of humans. The obedience of angels to God makes it a creature that carries the task directly from God. Of course as humans we cannot see it because angels are creatures from different dimensions from humans. The basic ingredients used to create it are different from humans.

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  • 1Knowing the Three Unknown Angels (Complete Discussion)
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Getting to Know the Three Angels Rarely Known (Complete Discussion)

Of the many numbers of human angels only obliged to get to know 10 angels and their duties. 10 angels that must be known are always taught to us since we were little. However, beyond the 10 angels that we must know it is necessary to feel like we know some other angels whose role is no less important than the 10 angels that we must know. It is hoped that getting to know some other angels can increase our knowledge and increase our devotion to God.

Before getting to know three angels outside of the 10 angels that must be known, it helps us to recall 10 angels that must be known and their duties.

  1. The angel Gabriel was given the revelation to several prophets and apostles.
  2. Angel Mikail tasked with distributing fortune to all living things.
  3. The angel of Izrail is in charge of the lives of all living beings.
  4. The angel of Israel is to blow the trumpet on the Day of Judgment.
  5. The Munkar Angel is in charge of interrogating and punishing the dead in the barbarian world.
  6. The Angel of Nakir is in charge of questioning and punishing the dead in the barbarian world.
  7. The Archangel is responsible for humanitarian good deeds.
  8. Angel Atid is in charge of the charity’s actions.
  9. Angel Malik, this angel is guarding the door of hell.
  10. Angel Ridwan has the duty to protect the gates of heaven.


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Little known angel

Out of the 10 angels listed above, the following three Angels may not be as well known.

Angel of Zabaniah

Zabaniah is the name of an angel who was in charge of tormenting those in hell. He is portrayed as having a very fierce and sadistic figure, unforgiving to the one who has entered the belly of hell. Zabaniah had 19 angels according to the number of letters Basmallah and they were led by the Angel Maalik.

The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said:
“Whoever wants Allah to save him from the treatment of the 19 angels of Zabaniah (the guardian angel of Hell), then read Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, for Allah has made for him, from every single letter a Heaven.”

The angel of Zabaniah took the members of hell by the use of his hands and feet. Then one of the angels of Zabaniah could take 10,000 unbelievers with one hand, and 10,000 with the other hand, and 10,000 with one foot and 10,000 with the other, and cast them into hell. So the 40,000 unbelievers at one time took it upon themselves because the Angel of Zabaniah had great power and ability.

Angels of Harut and Marut

The angels called Harut and Marut were angels sent by God to teach good things to the Babylonians at that time in the midst of anxiety and confusion caused by the spread of magic. The beginning of the spread of magic began when King Nebuchadnezzar’s captives, the Jews, began to practice magic, and the Jews were well-known and well-versed in witchcraft.

They began to frighten the Babylonians with witchcraft so that the Babylonians became frightened and uneasy as the magic was able to spread disease and other harmful things. Then God sent two angels, Harut and Marut to the city of Babylon to dispel the fears and worries of the Babylonians over the effects of the magic. Harut and Matut were sent to teach the Babylonians magic, but not to commit crimes. They taught the Babylonians magic only to provide knowledge of the magic.


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Jundallah Angel

Jundallah were war angels who helped the prophet Muhammad and his army in battle. Jundallah means “Soldier of God”.

When the Prophet Muhammad was looking at the natural atmosphere of the First Heaven (ar-Rafii’ah), it was said that he had seen a very large angel whose size was very large, the angel was riding a horse that came from light and dressed in light. The big angel is surrounded by 70 thousand angels who are dressed in various clothes and jewelry, each of them holding a spear made of light and they are called Jundallah (God’s Army).


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