Understanding Prayer According to Islam (Complete Discussion)

Understanding Prayer According to Islam (Complete Discussion)  – Every human being must have done an act called “prayer“. Yupz, praying is a form of endeavor or an effort to ask and ask something from God. This prayer is directly related to God.

In Islam, praying is one of the highly recommended worship. Because only God is the Most Wide, the Most Everything that has the right to give everything to His servants or His creation. So in Islam, a person who doesn’t want to pray means he is arrogant. He felt he could do something without the help of the Almighty. Even though everything humans do, whether or not they can, good or bad, succeed or fail, it’s all because of God.

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  • 1Understanding Prayer According to Islam (Complete Discussion)
    • 1Definition of Prayer According to Islam
    • 2Definition of Prayer According to Scholars
      • 2.1Imam at-Thaibi
      • 2.2Quraish Shihab
      • 2.3Shaykh Taqiyuddin Subki
      • 2.4Abdul Halim Mahmud
      • 2.5Muhammad Kamil Hasan al-Mahami
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Understanding Prayer According to Islam (Complete Discussion)

Now to find out more about the meaning of prayer itself, let’s look at the full review below.

Understanding Prayer According to Islam

In the language , the word ” prayer ” means shouting, so praying means calling, speaking, calling. Whereas the term ” prayer ” is an application or request and utterance of Allah SWT as the ruler of the universe, for example: asking for forgiveness, help from things feared, life safety, gratitude, asking for a halal rizki and resolute faith and Islam, and so on.

Understanding Prayer According to Scholars

The understanding or meaning of the word “prayer” according to the scholars is as follows:


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Imam at-Thaibi

What is meant by praying according to him is to show submission and need Allah SWT, because worship is not recommended but to surrender and submit to the Creator and feel the need for God. So prayer is a request to God and a form of sense of need.

Quraish Shihab

Prayer is a request of a servant to his God for the gift of care and assistance, both for the petitioner and for others who must be born from the depths of his heart with his submission and admiration.

Shaykh Taqiyuddin Subki

The term pray is more specific than worship. That is, anyone who is arrogant does not want to worship, then surely arrogant does not want to pray.

Abdul Halim Mahmud |

The meaning of prayer is that it is the desire of Allah SWT for what He has of all goodness and complains to Him by asking for something.

Muhammad Kamil Hasan al-Mahami

According to him the prayer was to ask Allah SWT to seek His favor.

Prayer is included in the core of worship, because the reading in each of our worship contains prayer. So, prayer is a plea and acknowledgment that we are servants of God who are weak, helpless, have no ability whatsoever without God, we can only surrender to Him, asking for forgiveness, help, asking for something desired, and prayer is one of our channels communicating with God.


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