3 serious diseases of potato and its cure

Potato is one of the most popular vegetables in the world . The role of these potatoes in food and nutrition is immense. Although potatoes are not the main food of Bangladesh, potato cultivation has increased due to the huge yield and consumption of potatoes in the last year . Potatoes are infected with various diseases at different times. Some of these are significant diseases. Which has been discussed today.

. Early blight of potato (early blight of potato)

The infection is caused by a fungal attack called Alternaria solani . Potato tubers, leaves and stems are infected. In some places on the leaves of the infected tree, a spot may look like a round or bull’s eye. The spots are black or brown. This type of stain also occurs on the stem of the infected tree. Symptoms first appear in the aged leaflets. As a result of the disease, the shape of the potato becomes smaller. Yield decreases.

Potato leaves in advance


  • Applying the right amount of fertilizer.
  • Provide timely irrigation.
  • In the case of leaf stains, 2 g of Mencozeb or Iprodione group fungicide should be used in 1 liter of water.

Tuberculosis in advance of collapse

2. Late blight of potato

Phytophthora infestens is responsible for the disease at the fungus. Black and water absorbent blisters are created on the leaves or stems of the infected tree. White spots can be seen in these blisters which are spread by air or water. As the pandemic grows, all crops are destroyed.

Leafy leaves of potato blossom


  • Sowing of disease-free seeds.
  • Carbendazim 50WP in 5 liters of water should be mixed with 5 grams of seeds and used in 5 kg seeds for refining the seeds.
  • The affected tree should be cut down and burned.
  • Mencozeb should be sprayed with 1 g / liter or Carbendazim 50WP in 2 g / liter water.

Delayed collapse tuber

. Root knot of potato

If the potato tuber has an oxygen deficiency, excess carbon dioxide, and excessive temperature, some parts of the potato will turn black. The disease usually occurs while storing warehouses for harvesting. Many potatoes are put together but the disease.

Potato infected with root disease


  • Store the potatoes at a temperature of 5 ° C.
  • In the warehouse you need to be careful whether the air is properly ventilated.


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. Hollow heart of potato

The disease occurs due to excessive irrigation, excessive nitrogen fertilizer consumption and temperature changes frequently. The disease causes a spike in the irregular shape of the spleen in the center of the potato tuber.

The disease occurs as a result of sowing of potato seeds ahead of time.

Potato disease in the heart of potato


  • Sowing the seeds at the right time.
  • Minor irrigation and fertilizer application.
  • Sowing seeds maintain distance.

 . Potato leaf roll (potato leaf roll)

It is caused by Potato Leaf Roll Virus (PLRV) . Aphids spread the disease by invading pests. Destroying the vascular tissue of the tuber. It produces net necrosis, ie dead cells in the tuber. Goes

Potato leaf wrap disease


  • Yellow adhesive traps should be used to suppress insects.
  • Neem oil should be sprayed with 1 mg / liter of water + 1 g detergent or soap powder.
  • Collect seeds from healthy strong plants.
  • Imidacloprid group drugs should be sprayed in 0.5 ml / liter water or Thiamethozam group drugs in 1.2 gm / liter water or Melathion group drugs in 2 mg / liter water 2-4 times after 2 days.

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. Scab of potato

Streptomyces scabies are cured by bacteria. These organisms can survive longer on alkaline soil. Infected with the infected tuber, air, water.

Potato scabs


  • Sowing of disease-free seeds.
  • The soil should be kept at PH 1.2 or below.
  • Other crops can be harvested on land. Such as: mustard, canola etc.
  • Provide a small amount of irrigation.

. Potato twine insects

Potato sutali pork moth is the most harmful of small and grayish brown color.


  • At the time of conservation, the potatoes should be covered with dry sand, ash, ash.
  • Nempatta should be used.
  • Drop the infected potatoes.
  • Keep 3 tonnes of sand + 5 kg sevine (5%) + 0.5 tonnes of potatoes.

3. Soft rot of potato

The disease is caused by a bacteria called Erwinia caratovora . The cells of the affected part decompose. The affected part is soft and surrounded by color.

Soft rotten disease of potatoes


  • Sowing of disease-free seeds.
  • Provide minimal irrigation.
  • Potato cultivation in advance.
  • You should use 1% bleaching powder or 5% boric acid solution to clean the tubers.

. Dry rot of potato

Fusarium sp . The disease is caused by fungi. The skin of the tuber is crushed. The affected area is decomposed and brown / dark / black spots are visible. In the affected part, the fungus has a mesh and round fold.

Diseases of dried mucus in potato


  • The diseased potatoes have to be discarded.
  • Dithane M45 1.2% should be used to cleanse the seeds.
  • Potatoes in warehouses, sacks and baskets need to be cleansed by 5% formalin.


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