25 ways to get subscribers on YouTube

You want to be a Youtuber. And you want to be already. Yes? Well then this article is going to be cool, because I’m going to tell you 25 ways to get subscribers on YouTube that you can use now.

I recommend that you get to the end of the post because you will find A BONUS TRACK that you are going to thank me for all your life.

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1.- Make contests or giveaways for your subscribers on YouTube

Mobilize the followers you already have and win new subscribers with a contest or giveaway for gifts. Ask them for some action in exchange for participating and you will have an active community, on the move. you win, they win XD.

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 2.- If you don’t do something unique, do it differently

Stand out for something, do different things than others do or you will go unnoticed.

Okay, it is true that there are already youtubers talking about practically everything, but if you really want to gain subscribers on YouTube, cut it out and start drawing attention for something in particular. Even if you talk about the same things as other people, do it differently and look for something that can identify you.

You can be the loudest, the one who shits on everything, the one who plays with humor or rhymes, the one who comes out in disguise, the one who never shows his face but has a voice that imposes …

Turn the jar over and find that touch that will allow you to stand out. Do you want an extreme example?

Well, look at Moretoki , a youtuber who specializes in singing with “mime” who hits him with videos in which he does just that while he is in the car with his mother.

Do you want a totally different Spanish example?

Here you have Professor Juan Medina , who teaches mathematics, he is not a regular youtuber and his videos already exceed 50 million visits in total. Being very useful, in this case, is an element that serves to stand out.

3.- Make playlists about famous youtubers (and sneak a video of yours into it)

People love lists. Take advantage of it to create videos with playlists of attractive themes. On YouTube it is a format that works like a charm, which is positioned very well, and which only requires a little research, compilation and ordering work.

For example: “The best Youtube videos of 2016”, “The most geeky songs of …”, “The best videos of so and so”, in this case very famous youtubers with many followers. Why? Because there are many people who search for them on Google and within YouTube itself and that is how they will find your lists, which will give you many visits.

A very important bonus track within this same point to make it more fun.

Create, for example, a playlist of the best videos of the hottest youtubers. And among the list, drop one of yours.

With a pair, don’t be shy. There are many people who are looking for videos from elrubiusOMG , HolaSoyGerman , Fernanfloo ,  Mangel , Wismichu and AuronPlay on duty and who will want to see those lists in which they appear. And if you go out there, it will surely sneak in that you are one of them.

Pure brand association! Many people will discover and follow you thanks to this trick.

Imagine that you have made the following list and that you have sneaked a video of yours around:


4.- Create controversy: the youtuber sauce

Being controversial, messing with other YouTubers, etc., is one of the most effective ways to attract attention on YouTube.

In fact, this already has its own name and channel: the youtuber salseo . It was created by a young Valencian who, at the beginning of 2015, seeing that youtubers were becoming real “celebrities”, at the level of singers, actors or footballers, decided to bring together all the “gossip” and fights in one place of this world.

All the greats have entered the game at some time and they benefit from it. And some who were not great have become so by intensifying their “sauce.” The most graphic example is DalasReview , which began, like many others, focused on the world of video games until it realized that not leaving a puppet with a head generated much more notoriety and benefits.

Criticizing everything that moves and even exposing his (notorious) love breakups have earned him as much animosity as followers, who now number in the millions in a meteoric “career”. Here you have it in action:

5.- Tune the Home of your YouTube channel

Layout your channel’s homepage to attract attention and mark your style. Include a header with attractive colors, suggestive images, your best videos, etc … It will give your channel a more professional appearance, it will differentiate you from others and help you to create a brand, with which you will end up gaining followers.

Do whatever you can think of to get people’s attention and not cause indifference. Take , for example, the channel of Vegetta777 and tell me that your view is not going to the header:

6.- Youtube tags: your competition will make you FAMOUS

On YouTube, as on the Internet and life in general, it’s about always trying to be the smartest in the class. When putting the labels of your videos, do not put them as someone who makes the shopping list. To fine tune, spy on your competition.

There is a Chrome extension called ” Tags for Youtube ” that you install it and it shows you directly the tags that each YouTube video has. Look at the videos that appear in the first positions of your keyword, identify with this tool what their tags are and put them on your video.

Thanks to the aforementioned extension, when you go to the description of a YouTube video, it shows its tags at the bottom. These are, for example, the ones that the famous Spanish youtuber  Wismichu uses for one of his humorous videos:

It is also useful and valid to go to the Google search engine or YouTube itself and enter the main keyword of the theme of the video you are going to upload. Next, write down the names of the channels to which the first results belong. And finally, put the names of those channels as tags for your video because this way they will appear in the related ones.

In this image above you will see that we have searched YouTube for the keyword “Make crepes”. We have indicated in yellow the names of the channels with the four best positioned videos. Those channel names are what you should add to your tags if your video is about making crepes or something similar. Damn, how hungry! XD

It also works to position, but in this case your channel, the fact of citing in the description of your account several influencers and famous games with a lot of search volume. So you take advantage of the slipstream and everything adds up.


7.- Curra and publish daily

Are you wondering how to get followers on YouTube, but you don’t work your channel every day? If you look closely, you will see that almost all YouTube influencers are faithful to the daily appointment with their followers. Some publish up to two videos in a day. It is proven that posting daily equates to gaining subscribers .

Your followers will receive notifications every time you have uploaded a video. Create the habit of visiting you every day. You can even let them know what time you usually post, so that they take your “schedule” into account.

You will see that YouTube “pampers” you more, giving you greater reach, if you feed it every day. So, you know … Suck the camera!

Go at your own pace but try to launch a video every day to start having a certain presence and relevance. I have long since decided to take a video a day and I already have it as a task in which I cannot fail. In the end you bite yourself XD.

There are those who trust all their success to the quantity, like DaniRep , who already in the title of his channel reports that he uploads more than 6 videos daily. Man, neither so much nor so bald, but there each one with his strategy.

Once a day is fine, but yourself …


8.- The thumbnails will give you glory!

The first impression always counts. Well, in your videos, too. Serve as a fact that 90% of the most popular YouTube videos have personalized thumbnails  instead of leaving the ones selected by the program by default.

Do not hesitate and select a powerful image as the “mask” of your video, since it is a decisive factor when the user clicks to see it or not.

A fairly effective trick is to include in that image, as long as it lends itself (and if not, then you force it and try it), some attractive and scantily clad girl. With men it also works, but less. Let’s not put our hands to our heads: the image sells. Put something provocative, and not only in the sexual aspect, and you will succeed. Increase the click rate a lot.

It is not that I say so, it is a statistical reality, proven and that very often makes the difference between hardly anyone seeing you or putting on your boots. See how Casey Neistat does it. It’s not porn, far from it, but the spicy touch works:

I also give you as an example a case that happened to my colleagues at auditorseo.com when they made a video with the aim of making it viral.

“All the deaths of Sharknado 1 and 2” seemed a priori content quite easy to spread, given the popular success of that saga of shabby cinema. First day, the sad figure of only 200 views. He left me a tweet saying what I could do and I told him to put a thumbnail with a scantily clad girl (sorry girls, I don’t make the rules, I just analyze and apply), they listened to me and changed the image for another of Tara Reid in bikini. Second day: more than 10,000 views.

No problem.

9.- Use cards and end screens

Cards are notifications that serve to promote your brand and other videos on your channel. They are cool because they let users click directly on them and, if they don’t feel like it, they disappear and so many colleagues.

On the other hand, the final screen allows you to direct your audience to your next video when the current one is ending or to invite them directly to subscribe to your channel.

Both things are very effective and increase the click rate if they are combined with a call to action that you can do verbally at the same time in the video.

Example! In this running video, Casey Neistat talks about a movie she made four years earlier and refers to it through a card and a verbal call to action:

10.- Put an extra bonus, fake shots or surprise at the end of your videos

The YouTube positioning algorithm rewards people to see your videos in their entirety. And for people to consume them whole, your videos have to be digestible. This does not necessarily mean making them very short, since the duration depends a lot on the theme you are dealing with. But they must be interesting in their entirety, nothing to fill time to fill.

A good way to achieve this is to accustom your followers to the fact that when you finish your videos you always put some surprise in the form of false shots or humorous winks.

Believe it or not, this extra bonus makes your audience loyal to an egg and can earn you followers on YouTube, since seeing yourself in a casual context “off camera” is something that people tend to like a lot.

Here I am going to use myself as an example, although in this case reaching the end of the video is for the brave XD


11.- Make a trailer or a cool welcome intro

Making a cool intro that introduces you and shows what you’re going to offer on your channel takes a bit of work if you want to do it well, but listen to me, it’s worth it. It creates a brand for you, makes people come back and your image is embedded in their brain

Once you have it done, you can set it to appear in autoplay on your channel – most do – so that whoever visits you can “meet” you quickly. In addition to creating a brand, it will help your users stay longer, which helps you with positioning, increases the options that they will see other videos of yours and that they will end up subscribing.

Example:  ZarcortGame welcomes visitors to its homepage with a “rap play” that in one year has registered almost 60 million reproductions:

12.- Name your followers

Your YouTube channel is not you making videos. It is you with your followers and you are in the same boat. Therefore, it is important that you make them participate in what you are doing. Make pineapple using phrases like “we are going to get it” or “we are going to be very big.” Involve your followers in what you do directly. Give them love, damn it, it doesn’t cost that much! XD

A good way to get this implication is to name your crew.

For example, the most followed Spanish youtuber, El Rubius , always calls his people “little creatures of the Lord.” And that his followers like because they feel part of a group.

13.- Comment on very popular videos (with grace, not donkey)

Leave comments on videos that have a lot of views, but do so gracefully and be very careful not to spam. Always try to contribute something and, if necessary, offer people to visit or subscribe to your channel to find out more about that aspect that you have commented on.

It is very common to see people who ask for it directly because of their pretty face or who are looking for “likes” as if there were no tomorrow and that is not cool at all. Try to work it out.

For example: like this NO XD

For example: like this YES XD

Try to be one of the first to comment and make your comments stand out by putting some bold type or any other pollada like emojis, etc. Without passing you, huh? XD


14.- Make paid campaigns to gain subscribers  on YouTube

The peel is the peel and it is always a good shortcut. For this too. You can pay for publishing on YouTube so that your videos appear in the main search results or also so that they are promoted during the reproduction of other videos.

But you can also get followers on other platforms. I never tire of saying it: Facebook Ads is little exploited for the return it has. Advertising on this social network can bring you huge traffic that translates into a lot of subscribers.

Facebook Ads is the shit!

Create a good ad and choose the YouTube keyword. As the Facebook advertising tool gives you the option to segment your audience, you can target the age group in which your potential subscribers are and refine with all kinds of interests.

And if that wasn’t enough, we can also stream remotely.

15.- Respond to influencers in your videos

If you allude to a YouTube influencer in a video, you have a good chance that they will end up answering you, with which your notoriety will grow and with it your subscribers.

Let’s see … This allusion can be positive or negative, but let’s face it, criticisms are usually more effective and make much more noise. We like them more! XD

Look, without going any further, how a response to AuronPlay -with that title as such- of this boy has more than a million reproductions, when his channel does not reach 15,000 subscribers. It is clear who have been those who have seen the video: the legion of AuronPlay fans, obviously.

16.- Use keywords in the titles

Don’t be a poet or a writer here. To the point, buddy. The title of your video must include the main keyword of the topic you are dealing with. So you put the first stone to appear in the first positions of the search results for that keyword.

You can use tools such as Rank Tank  to know which keywords have the most searches and thus refine when choosing which one you are going to bet on. Keyword Tool even has a specific search engine for Youtube:

Answer the public is also very cool because graphically it is very hard and its results enter your eyes immediately. I encourage you to try it:

With tools of this type you can hit the target. If you let yourself be guided only by your intuition when choosing keywords, you will be wasting bullets. Although then there are many other factors that influence positioning, this is undoubtedly a key one.

In this article on my blog I explain in detail how to do a keyword study . I also leave you the XD video.

Look, for example, in the creditable second organic position in which Nuria Cámaras appearswhen someone does a search on Youtube for “SEO on page”. Yes, in this video he was interviewing me

I should have combed my hair that day, right? XD

17.- 3 MEGATRUCES for the description of your videos

Yes, it is important that the description of your videos is original, fun, that it is not duplicate content, blah, but let’s go with the tricks:

  • It is important to include the link to your channel’s subscription in the descriptions of your videos, but BEWARE, do it within the first 150 characters, or what is the same, in the first sentence. Why? Because this way it will not be hidden in the text area and it will be seen without having to click on “Show more”. Make it easy for people, man! With that you also win.
  • It is also very important that this link goes to your channel but with the link: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=yourchannelname  (change “yourchannelname” to your channel name, okay?), Like this a subscribe button will automatically open for them. Don’t you believe me? Well, click here .
  • Pssst! Another trick that I’m seeing some rogue YouTubers, put emojis in the type descriptions, which attract a lot of attention and in this way you will increase your clicks.


 18.- Collaborate with other youtubers

It is something very common in this world. I appear in your video, you in mine, and thus we “exchange” followers.

This form of promotion works, but do not try to do it right away with the older ones because you will not get it, unless it is your cousin. If you are a “small” youtuber, try it with someone your size or maybe medium. And as you get older, you can aim higher.

Joseppe10 DOUBLED his list by doing this collaboration with ILeoVlogs :

It ALWAYS works.

There are a thousand ways to collaborate with other Youtubers: interview them, ask their opinion, send them a gift asking them to mention you… I don’t know, be original! Without going any further, Jacksepticeye, who now has 15 MILLION SUBS, started to grow thanks to a mention of Pewdiepie. In this video he explains how he felt after the mention (it is in English)


19.- Attentive to trends and other bullshit

People who use YouTube tend to like to be up to date, so paying attention to trends, and not only what is cooking in your country but especially what is done abroad, can inspire you for your videos.

And remember that the one who gives first, gives twice. You see that the Mannequin Challenge is becoming fashionable in the United States, be the first to talk about it -and why not, also do it- in Spain.

If you are not the first, nothing happens either, you can mark a compilation of the best. Get them started!


20.- Repeat your name like a parrot

To get subscribers on YouTube your name has to ring. And for that you have to start by getting tired of hearing yourself say it. Present yourself in each video as if it were the first.

Don’t assume that even if you have followers, everyone knows you. Always start your videos by remembering who you are or make your name appear visually. Or both. And outside of the video, include your signature at the end of the description as well.

You kill two birds with one stone if you add the subscription link next to it.

See in this example how Yuya puts on a previous screen with his name and then the same one is superimposed again with the protagonist already on the screen, who also usually says it in each video:


21.- Take advantage of the slipstream of the giants

If your thing is not to put yourself in front of the camera, but you want to get a slice of the YouTube world, you can always choose to take advantage of the work of others, giving them a “varnish”. For example, there are those who create accounts in which they limit themselves to subtitling the videos of successful foreign youtubers, making them accessible to those who do not know languages.

The most followed youtuber on the planet, PewDieDie , which now has close to 50 million subscribers, has seen how several people have created accounts that include their name and their videos and in which all they do is subtitle them in other languages, amplifying even more its phenomenon. Here’s one on PewDieDie in Spanish :

It takes a good job to do this, but think about the number of followers you can have on your account.

Subtitling videos also helps you to put in your pocket the entire group of deaf and hard of hearing people. And translating your own videos, which you can do well by repeating them in other languages ​​if you are a polyglot, or subtitling them in other languages, will allow you to access international markets. The more fish, the more possibility to fish.


22.- Attend youtubers meetings and be very nice

Another good example of how to gain followers on YouTube is to leave your room and attend meetings and YouTubers conventions. Also to those of his fans, why not. Everybody wants to gain subscribers. Going to these meetings you will meet a lot of rock with whom you can collaborate.

Have four coffees and three Monsters, be nice and build a good network of contacts in the real world and then move them online. Never forget that you are flesh and blood!

Make a note of this appointment for the year that is about to arrive: the Tubecom will be held for the first time in Spain in 2017.

If you have already achieved a certain level of notoriety with your channel and you have a small legion of followers, offer to be interviewed in any media, either online or offline. Especially with the latter you will reach a new audience who may be curious after reading what you have or listening to you on a radio or television. You can also give talks, participate in discussions … Get out from behind the screen from time to time


23.- Strip or shave yourself for your subscribers

Let’s see, it is not necessary for you to undress, although there are those who have done it, but outside of YouTube, if they will not censor you

The actor Paco León undressed in his day when he reached half a million followers on Instagram. Cristina Pedroche also promised to do it if she reached two million on Twitter, although she finally cracked and they gave birth.

Setting audience goals and meeting challenges when you achieve them (or don’t achieve them) works very well. You can publicly commit to doing something eye-catching or surprising when you reach a certain number of followers. “If I reach 100,000 subscribers, I parachute,” for example. Here and yourself … XD

Here is an example from Giorgio’s El Rincón , who keeps his promise to shave his hair after failing to overcome a challenge:


24.- He who does not cry does not breastfeed!

Ask them to follow you, ask for “likes”, ask them to share your videos, ask them to give you their opinion, to leave you comments …

Don’t be ashamed to ask, everyone does it, even the great ones.

If you don’t ask, you won’t have any more exposure. You know … Who doesn’t cry, doesn’t mom!

And when someone leaves you a comment they ask you something, always answer. If someone has already bothered to follow you on your channel and leave you a comment, you have earned it for the cause, so give them love too.

As soon as your videos meet their information, training or entertainment needs, your fans will be ready to help you.

How can they do it? Well look, you can also ask them to make their subscriptions visible and to include your channel as a highlight in their account. Or that they recommend their contacts to subscribe too.

Word of mouth is still a powerful weapon. Look how fine the famous youtuber Wismichu recommends other channels :


Bonus track

25. Create a website

Register your name and the name of your channel (yes, both) or when you start to become famous someone will steal it to resell it to you, and create a simple website with a subscription form from day 1. I could explain a thousand and one reasons why that this is VITAL, the main one is because they will be a great source of income and you will have the security of not depending solely on YouTube. Just believe me, okay? I am dedicated to this and I can assure you that not having the email address of your subs is one of the most serious mistakes you can make.

Do it and you will thank me. I assure.

If you have no idea how to create a website, NOTHING HAPPENS Romu comes to the rescue: in this video I explain how to create an optimized professional website in 3 minutes, YES, IN THREE MINUTES. You no longer have an excuse, start doing things right from the beginning.


Although we raffle a professional youtuber pack, to be one you do not need any special equipment . There are great youtubers who record themselves with their shabby webcam or with their mobile, WHAT MATTERS IS THE MESSAGE. You will always have time to improve your technique as you gain subscribers and get bigger. From the start, you don’t need to include special effects or an expert edit or montage.

I repeat: the important thing is the message, what you transmit, that you do different things, that you make as much noise as you can and that you leave your mark… So, you know, jump into the pool and… START!

That being said … A gift horse … XD The youtuber pack that raffle is cool an egg, so take advantage by SIGNING UP FOR THE CONTEST HERE!

You want it? Do you have any doubt or comment? Would you add any other way to get YouTube subscribers?


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