How to use IFTTT with Google Home

Guide on how to use IFTTT with Google Home

Have you already wondered how many things you can do with IFTTT ? IFTTT is the acronym of If This Then That (i.e. if this happens then make that happen ) and it is a free platform that offers the possibility to create applets (they are a sort of macro) using different services (for example by having an assistant interact voice with a social service).

The concept is very simple: you define a condition and one or more actions, when the condition occurs (for example you receive a message on facebook) then an action is triggered (for example you send a voice alert on Google Home).

In this guide I will then explain How to use IFTTT with Google Home to extend the potential of your voice assistant.

Once you have connected google home to IFTTT you can drastically expand its capabilities by updating, for example, your status on facebook with a voice command or receiving a notification on your smartphone if you leave the house and leave a window open or by opening the door of your garage when you are about to get home. All this and much, much, much more you can do with IFTTT.

IFTTT account creation

First you will need to create an IFTTT account. So connect to the official ifttt website and create an account (by clicking on sign up at the top right ). You can decide to use your google or facebook credentials or create an account by entering a username and password.

click on the icon with the lens at the top left and write google assistant and press enter

In the following window you will have to click on Services and then click on the Google Assistant button

Now click on Connect

At this point you will be redirected to the google page where you will have to enter the user (email address) and password you used to activate your google home. If you do not remember which account you used to activate your google home device, just open the google home app from your smartphone, click on the icon with the gear symbol at the top right and where it says Connected Account you will find the account you need to use.

Done, now your google home is connected to IFTTT. What does this mean? that your google home devices and more generally your google assistant are now included in the IFTTT platform. From IFTTT you can insert other services (for example facebook or a smart device) and create applets to make them interact with each other.

Now you just have to go and explore the applets already present on IFTTT and choose which one you want to use or if you want to create a new one on your own. I assure you, however, that there are already so many applets available and ready to use that you will hardly feel the need to create a new one.

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