18 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Arrgghh… Stress I saw cockroaches roaming the car. Indeed this is the nest. You can’t, if left alone this car will really become their den. No … We have to get rid of it. What is the reason cockroaches and their relatives are nesting or roaming in the car?

“When children sit in the car, usually the kids will eat a snack. And sometimes food is spilled or left behind, right? His name is also children. So it’s no surprise that this car can easily become a breeding ground for cockroaches.

However, there are also some cars that are clean but are still the favorites of cockroaches. Cockroaches are indeed famous for their disgusting animals and it turns out that cockroaches also carry various diseases, including typhus, hepatitis, diarrhea, cholera, and even tuberculosis can be transmitted through cockroaches.

You already know that cockroaches are dangerous animals, so we have to drive them away from us and our families. Indeed, nowadays there are a lot of products that can kill cockroaches very effectively, practically and quickly. But, if you spray it many times, it will definitely not be good because the effects of the chemicals contained in these drugs will definitely affect us, especially in children. So, what should be done?

Don’t worry, here we are listing 18 tips to get rid of cockroaches naturally. Of course it is safe and suitable for those of you who have children. Here are 18 tips for getting rid of cockroaches using natural ingredients. Easy, but very effective!

  1. Pandan leaves
    One of the easiest and most effective ways is to use pandan leaves. Cockroaches hate its fragrant aroma. This is very easy to do, wash it first and slice the leaves to get rid of the smell. Then, fill in the fine net bag then put the pandan leaves in it.

Or you can also tie it up and put it in your car, but remember not to let the leaves get too dry or rot as it will be difficult to wash them off and that can also attract other insects. So, you have to make sure that the leaves are still fresh, if they start to wilt, immediately replace them.

  1. Dutch Durian Leaves (Soursop)
    Dutch durian leaves can also be used to repel cockroaches. The method is almost the same as the pandan leaves above. However, some say it is more effective when used when the leaves are dry. For those of you who drink tea leaves, you can try putting a tea bag in the car. Because it can also drive cockroaches out of your car.

Citronella Spray Spraying fragrant lemongrass is one of the best natural alternatives to prevent cockroaches from nesting in your car. The trick, can be made with boiling water and then put the leaves or it can be fried over low heat. Then mix it with a little water and put it in a spray bottle. Spray the entire car, especially on carpet. It is one of the organic insect repellent and is safe to use

  1. Baking Soda
    One of the best ways to get rid of cockroaches is to use baking soda. This not only repels cockroaches but is also poisonous to cockroaches. Sprinkle some food as bait, then mix it with a lid of baking soda on the carpet and let it sit for a few days before you redecorate.
  2. ‘Glue Traps’ Glue traps
    that have been sold at your local convenience store for a relatively low price can also be used to get rid of cockroaches that often roam your car. Look for anti-toxic or natural label ones. Set these traps at night because that’s when the cockroaches get active. It should be used and replaced frequently until the cockroaches are completely gone or there are none.

6 Bottled Water Traps
This is one of the easiest traps you can use by using a water bottle trap. The trick, take a bottle of drinking water and leave a little trash in it. Then, leave the bottle open and place the bottle on the edge of the car seat vertically. In this position, the cockroaches will find it difficult to get out.

Leave it overnight or 2-3 days and you will surely find that there are lots of cockroaches trapped inside. You can also mix leftovers with a little baking soda solution to kill the cockroaches.

  1. Mouthwash
    One of the tips for getting rid of cockroaches that you can try is to use mouthwash. This bad breath killer can be used as a spray to repel cockroaches. Ideally, choose the strongest mint smell. Then spray it on your car including the hidden parts. Must be cockroaches on the run.

Aromatherapy Oil For those of you who have a collection of aromatherapy oils, you can use tea tree oil, peppermint or lemongrass fragrances to expel these cockroaches from the nest in your car. However, if the eggs are still there, it may not be able to solve the problem quickly and effectively.

Mothballs Mothballs is known to give a fragrant effect to clothes stored in the cupboard. Unfortunately most people today don’t use camphor. They think the smell is outdated and used for the elderly only. But it turns out that camphor can also be used to repel cockroaches. The method is very easy, nowadays a lot of camphor is dense, right? Spread the camphor to a place where cockroaches are common or put camphor in the corner of the car. Its strong smell will make the cockroaches run away.

But remember, the use of camphor must be careful not to grated camphor on the injured skin, let alone the food, because this camphor has a poisonous effect, and can cause serious problems if it gets into the human body.

  1. Salam
    leaves Bay leaves are one of the leaves that have various functions. The high antioxidants in bay leaves will be able to cure various diseases. Bay leaves also contain flavonoids which function to neutralize high blood pressure.

Not only that, bay leaves are also very effective as a way to get rid of cockroaches in the car. The trick is quite easy, namely by gently slicing the bay leaf slices, then sprinkling the slices into areas that are often inhabited by cockroaches. Make sure to clean the bay leaf sprinkles when they are dry.

  1. Jasmine
    Flowers Jasmine is the hallmark of Indonesian flowers. Its white color and beautiful shape are often a picture of Indonesian women who have jasmine-like characteristics. Jasmine flowers can also be used to repel cockroaches. The method is very easy, slice the jasmine flower slices and then sprinkle them on the area where the cockroaches usually live, that way it will make the cockroaches leave because they are uncomfortable with the fragrant smell of jasmine.
  2. Bar Soap Bar
    soap can also keep cockroaches away. The trick is to cut the soap into small pieces, then put it in the water in a bowl and place it in a damp area where cockroaches usually nest.
  3. Lemon
    OrangeLemoncan also be used to repel cockroaches. The trick is to simply slice it into small pieces and put it in a container then place it in an area with lots of cockroaches.
  4. Pepper Leaves
    Maybe all of you have not realized it, it turns out that pepper leaves can be used to repel insects, including cockroaches. The trick, all you have to do is slice the fresh pepper leaves into small pieces and then place them in areas where there are usually cockroaches. The smell of the pepper leaves will make the cockroaches uncomfortable and will leave your car. You can also use this to repel cockroaches that are in the room (house).
  5. Cucumber
    Enough with small slices and place in the area where there are many cockroaches. The scent of cucumber will repel the cockroaches that often roam your car.
  6. Lavender Flowers
    Just like jasmine flowers, you can simply put the lavender flower seeds in places that are usually disturbed by cockroaches. Besides being able to repel cockroaches with their distinctive aroma, lavender flowers can also scent your car or room.
  7. Pepper
    This one spice is also useful for repelling cockroaches. The way is enough to smooth it. Then mix with water until it becomes a paste. Then apply in the exact places you want to be protected from cockroaches.
  8. Vacuum Down Carpet
    Most of these cockroaches nest in the car because it is difficult to reach humans. Therefore, if the problem persists and gets worse, try taking your car to wash the carpet or the bottom of the car. They may also have other solutions and techniques to kill these cockroaches quickly and effectively.

Keep Clean In The Car

In the process of getting rid of and repelling these cockroaches, try to avoid eating in the car. If you have leftovers, clean up quickly and don’t leave them overnight as car cockroaches can breed fast! May be useful…


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